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TOP: old, similar here, here and here | BOTTOMS: Hollister | SHOES: Old Navy | NECKLACE: Bluetique, similar here | WATCH: Merona from Target, perfect dupe for this Kate Spade | BRACELET: Alex and Ani {March Birthstone!!!}

Hopefully you are having a wonderful week, I am! This is my first blog post as a nineteen year old!! Anyway I snapped these pics up last week after my PR + Marketing class. It was such a beautiful day and the sun was shining bright, and not to mention 2/3 of my classes were cancelled! My friend and I had to do a few returns, which turned into shopping… I know, I know, once an addict always addict. I was also doing some fun blog research for an upcoming post!! 😉

I got a question about these shoes and how comfy they are. Honestly they’re okay, the thing is, is that they’re super flat. I wouldn’t recommend you wear these for a long day at work, but a few hours in them won’t hurt you. I haven’t noticed any terrible pain with them. But at the end of the day they’re like $25, they won’t be the most reliable, but hey they’re trendy.

Now for the Pinterest hack! Make sure you check out the Pinterest Board below. This one is unique because I take pictures I see on Pinterest with similar or the same clothing pieces as the pieces in my closet and save them to this board. This way if I’m ever in a rush or lacking inspiration, I look at this board and can easily recreate an outfit. I have both a Spring/Summer board, as well as a Fall/Winter board, all with outfits similar to the outfits found in my closet! Perfect Pinterest hack!

Thanks for reading!! Catch ya on the flip-side, xoxo



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TOP: similar bodysuit | JEANS: Hollister jeans | JACKET: similar camo jacket | SHOES: Old Navy lace-up flats

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With my birthday being tomorrow, I wanted to compile some of the great lessons I’ve learned in my life thus far!

18 Things I learned In 18 Years

Work for YOUR goals + do you: I use to (and still sometimes do) worry about what others thought about me, but there’s way more to life then constantly worrying about other’s feelings. So, the past 2 or 3 years I haven’t really cared what people thought of me. People will ALWAYS hate, be critical, and some even bitter, so do you boo boo! You’re working for a great life for YOURSELF, no one else.

Be positive, even in dark times: Now I know this one is easier said then done but it’s sooo necessary! I am a pretty positive and optimistic person, my family and my managers are always commenting on it! But honestly, it helps so much. Life gets tough and having a glimpse of hope to hold on to is a great thing to have.

Be open, especially in college: Whether you’re in college, graduated or it’s just not your thing, try new things! I love being adventurous, it’s one of my favorite qualities. I think it is sooo important to try new things and step out of your comfort zone! For example, I recently competed in Akt Like A Nupe, which is a stroll competition where different groups stroll like members of the frat Kappa Alpha Psi. So, I had to stroll and dance in front of HUNDREDS of people… I literally don’t dance (actually can’t dance), but hey I did it and got a lot of compliments and supportive comments! Step outside of your box!!


Our team name was Kulture and we strolled our little hearts out!

Never settle, in life, friendships and ESPECIALLY relationships: I’ll be the first to admit that friendships in high school are hard! You really find out who’s real, who’s fake, and who isn’t for you. College is great because most people are in the same boat, away from home and looking for friends. OU is great because there’s this whole Bobcat Family, which sounds cheesy but most people are genuine and sweet. So don’t settle! Also sometimes relationships are sketch, so don’t let your boyfriend/girlfriend disrespect you. I’ve seen my own friends and even myself, bend over backwards for guys they think are great, and it isn’t until you find someone that truly is great that you understand your worth.

Go after what you want + don’t be scared: College is good for this too! I use to always want to do something with a friend, but college has made me realize my independence. If I want to join a club I’ll do it and not rely on a friend to join me. Do something for yourself, and again step out of your comfort zone.

Stay humble and remember those who have helped you: I wouldn’t be the person I am if I didn’t have the guidance and the support that I have. My parents have done a lot for me and have helped me out time after time and I am very thankful for that!

Save your money: so important and so crucial, money isn’t everything, but it sure does help!

 Some people are temporary: People come and go and that’s okay. If they’re meant to be in your life, they’ll stay in it.

Be kind when you can: This is soo important! Karma is real, so be nice.

Life isn’t fair and it isn’t always good: Sometimes things happen and life gets rough, but this happens to pretty much everyone. Push through and know that better days are coming. Life isn’t fair for some and I don’t ever think it will be, you just have to stay strong and motivated.

Laugh ALL the time: I love to laugh, my mom says I use to exhaust her when I was little because she would always do stuff to make me laugh. I’m so lucky I come from such a weird family that spends a lot of time laughing. My boyfriend is just as weird and keeps me laughing all day long. Sometimes ya just need a good laugh!

Learn to love + take care of yourself: Mental health is so important, and when stress comes into your life it’s important to take a step back. Make sure you take care of your body, eat well and make sure you wash and moisturizer your face! Also, learn to love yourself, it can be hard sometimes but don’t beat yourself up, sometimes you can be all that you have, so be kind to yourself.

 Don’t judge others or yourself too much: Everyone judges, it’s pretty impossible not to, but live your life and let other people live theirs too.

“Boys are the gravy, not the mashed potatoes:” Ugh! I love this quote so much! And it’s so true! Guys are not everything and you definitely don’t need one to be happy! So important!

 Be independent: You can’t live with your parents forever, so going off to school or getting a job is so important! It’s nice to be out here doing your own thing and (almost) adulting, even if you’re still pretty young!

Express your feelings: Keeping your feelings bottled up is not healthy at all, so express you feelings of happiness and sadness. If you like someone go for it, if it doesn’t work out, hey at least you know and aren’t stuck wondering!

Don’t make excuses: This one is big! This is so crucial during busy parts of your life, sometimes it can be hard to squeeze every thing in! You just have to push through and look at the big picture!

Don’t hold on to grudges or negative energy: I hate holding on to grudges and being mad at people. I have too many other things to worry about then to be mad at someone. I will just politely ignore you and go about my business. Nothing rude, no negative energy here!

Well if you made it to the end, congrats! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you can take something away from this post!





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I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait for the weather to warm up! I wanted to compile a few of my favorite trends and pieces for spring. These are some of my personal faves as well as things I have seen in stores and online.

I’m dying over lace, I love how girly it is and how it can really add something to an item. Along with lace, I’m loving off-the-shoulder tops and dresses as well. #1 is the perfect combo of lace and off-the-shoulder, I’m dying over this top. Another item I’m loving are little, spring colored bags. #3, #6 and #10 are some of the bags I’m looking at for the warmer weather. Perfect for on the go and they both are super easy with their crossbody strap. Sunnies are always a given! I always want to splurge on a pair but I usually end up breaking one each year 🙁 .

I’m also really a fan of the espadrilles wedge trend. I like this Steve Madden pair because they aren’t too bulky on the bottom. They’re also a perfect dupe for the Cholé ones! This pink leather skirt is soo cute too!! I want it so badly!

Make sure you follow my Spring + Summer Inspo. board on Pinterest! It’s linked below. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend! Sorry for the late post!!




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Missguided bomber, similar here and here // forever 21 bodysuit, old similar here // Forever 21 jeans // Old Navy booties, similar here // Old Navy tote // Kate Spade watch // Alex & Ani bracelet // necklace

Hey guys!! It has been a tad rainy and gloomy lately which is sending my allergies through the roof!! So I figured I would post some pictures from a rainy day. I hardly wear this bodysuit anymore because my boobs got bigger so its a little tight but yolo. It’s honestly super cute, I just wish I had gotten a medium! The real star here is the bomber though!! So, over winter break I was on the hunt for a reasonably priced bomber in a material that I liked. This trend has been picked up by EVERY store so there are sooo many choices when it comes to bombers: color, material, length, etc. I finally found one on Missguided.

I love Missguided because they carry reasonably priced clothes that are super cute and trendy! They also have a student discount which is like 35% off, not bad! So, after awhile of hunting I found this one. It’s sooo cozy and actually really thick. It was such a life saver when I went out and it was freezing. I would just throw some gloves in my pockets and be good for the night! I would order again and again!!

I honestly really don’t like how I’ve been balancing my blog lately. It’s honestly so hard with school, especially with exams and projects, but I’m trying my best. I really want to grow my blog, and it’s something I’m excited to venture out on, so please bare with me because summer is coming, which means more time!!! Thanks for reading!



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pink v-neck // Hollister jeans // Charming Charlie bag, similar bags here (this one is a dupe for a Chloe) and here // Old Navy sunglasses // Kate Spade watch // tan sweater // similar monogram necklace // Old Navy flats

Hey guys, sorry for the missed post on Friday, I spent all week studying for an exam and I still bombed it, so that’s how my semester is going… Anyway, I’m back with another post! I’m so tired of this cold weather and wanted to shift my mindset to warmer clothing. I wore this outfit over spring break when it was a tad warmer then it is now. It’s cute and easy, I’m pretty sure I just spent the day running around and doing errands. I’m dying over these shoes, they’re just the cutest!! I can’t wait to wear them more as the weather warms up!

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Check back for a new post on Wednesday!