ROMPER – sold out | SHOES – sold out | BAG | WATCH | EARRINGS 

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to share this cute romper with you. I know it’s fall, but as long as it’s still warm, I’m going to keep posting warm weather outfits. This romper is perfect for transitional weather, because it’s velvet, which is more of a fall trend! I don’t think this one is available anymore though {at least online}, so I linked to a similar one! Forever 21 has TONS of velvet rompers right now and they’re pretty cute.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day today! We had no classes yesterday because it was Reading Day, a day dedicated to “catching up on work.” Reading day is usually used as a recovery day for people that went out on a Monday night though, aka me!


TOP: old F21, similar here and here | PANTS: Old Navy pixie’s, love them! | SHOES: from DSW, similar here and here | BAG: Marshall’s, love this and this | EARRINGS: Baublebar | WATCH: Kate Spade | NECKLACE: Bluetique, discount code mentioned in post!

I wanted to share a business casual outfit and I felt that it went hand and hand with this post! I have had to dress up for quite a few things already! My Special Events Officer Interview, my upcoming Professional Retail Leaders Interview and my upcoming networking trip! I wanted to share this look because I know I’m not the only one having to dress up a bit. So here’s some inspiration and a life update as well!

So I have a lot to update and share. I started this year out feeling really alone. I’m living in a single and boyfriend doesn’t come back until next semester and on top of this I don’t see a lot of my friends during the week because we’re all SO BUSY. So I have decided to channel more of this alone time into something. This is the year of ME.

I am currently involved in A LOT all while taking 18 credit hours {lol not anymore since I was failing my online stats class!}. More often then not, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed but I don’t want to give anything up.

I just feel a fire in my soul, as corny as that sounds, to be great and successful. I just feel it. While I love my friends, I’m using this alone time that I seem to have a lot more of and using it to better myself. Two of my friends and I actually had this convo about how we’re worrying about ourselves and our success more this year!

Now I want to discuss the crazy amount of stuff I’m involved in:

Obviously my blog, I’m ride or die for Cincinnati Sass and really want to focus on growing my platform and brand.

Bluetique Brand Ambassador: you guys have seen me link to Bluetique items before in my outfit posts. I’m happy to say that after being obsessed with the store here in Athens, that I have become a Bluetique Brand Ambassador. I will be posting on both my personal and blog social media about Bluetique. I also have a code ‘Alexis15’ which saves you money at checkout!

Fashion Associates: I am currently on the executive board for my fashion club, Fashion Associates. I love the lovely ladies I call friends that are in this org and all that we do. We do networking trips, philanthropy, socials and a fashion show! This year we’re going to Columbus and visiting a few home offices of some big brands!!

The Black Student Cultural Programming Board: I love his org so much!! It’s a great way to meet other black people on campus {OU is a predominantly white institution, so it’s nice to see some diversity!} It’s also a great way to network and meet faculty because it is a tier 1 org.

I’ve also just been extended an offer as a Special Events Officer. I’m so excited for this position as well! I’ll be working along the Special Events co-directors.

On top of this all, I have a campus job 🙂 it’s okay I guess, I genuinely like the people I’ve met through the job. We all feel the same way about that place! I am also interviewing for yet another student org, Professional Retail Leaders, later this afternoon!

It’s a lot, but like I said I don’t want to give anything up, so wish me luck! I hope you all are working on your path to success. Make this the year of you!



TOP: Old Navy | SKIRT: Forever 21 | SHOES: Old Navy, old, similar here | NECKLACE: Charlotte Russe, now only $2!!! | BAG: Charming Charlie, similar | WATCH: Kate Spade

Thanks to global warming, it’s still af. So, why not continue warm weather outfits!! I am obsessed with this bf shirt, I got it right before I left for school, along with this skirt. You know I’m obsessed with Old Navy’s linen blend bf tees. And you guys should recognize this necklace from this post, it is the one I scored for $4!

TOP: Old Navy | SHOES: Old Navy | BAG: Marshall’s, similar here | EARRINGS: Bluetique | WATCH: Kate Spade

I actually just wore this skirt the other night when I went to a party. I loved how it turned out. The velvet top is from last fall but velvet is still big so I’m sure a newer model will be back!



Homecoming dress is from Dillard’s

disclaimer: I do not have the exact info on Gabriella’s outfits, so everything linked is a similar item, except the Apple Watch!

Every blogger I follow is currently posting fall or transitioning fall outfits, meanwhile I’m still not ready to let the warm weather go. I love fall, until it gets super cold. And now that I’m farther upstate, compared to Cincinnati, the winter is just a tad more cold. And by a tad I mean frigid. Anyway my photographer, aka my sister, was taking my pictures and she just looked so cute I had to snap some pics! Also she just went to homecoming with her little boyfriend and look how cute they were!

I promise some fall themed blog posts will be coming soon! Thank you for reading!



DRESS: Forever 21 | BAG: Old Navy | WATCH: Kate Spade | SHOES: Old Navy, similar here | NECKLACE: Charlotte Russe, got for $4!! | HEADBAND: my big head stretched this one out got this new one! |

Hey guys, happy Monday! I wanted to share this outfit while it was still warm out! I picked up this dress from Forever right before I moved back into school. I got it the same day I got this necklace, which I’m obsessed with by the way. Literally everyone complimented it and asked if it was multiple necklaces or just one when I wore it to work. It seems to be a hit, and it was literally $4!! I just think it’s adorable with this dress.

Thanks for reading!