A few weeks back my family and I went to Universal Studios. We never do theme park vacations so this was new for us! It was AMAZING. We had so much fun exploring Universal Orlando’s 3 parks. Today I wanted to share a TON of pictures of my family’s adventures. Part of the reason I created a blog was to have something to look back on and this is just that. I will try to link outfit and location details!

Our Hotel: The Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

TOP: Old Navy | DENIM: Hollister, similar here | SHOES: Old Navy | BAG: Marshall’s, similar | SUNNIES: Cincinnati boutique | EARRINGS: similar

The walking path back to our hotel. There are boat taxis but there had been lightening in the area, so they weren’t running at the moment.

Universal Studios { inside + outside the park!}

NBC Sports Grill, the avocado burger is bomb!

Super cute food truck for this Mexican restaurant. They sell tacos late at night!

Shrimp tacos are my weakness!! From Antojitos, same as above ^^

The dragon in Diagon Alley from Harry Potter

Most of Universal Studios!!

Top 2 pics are from the Hollywood area of the park. Also Scooby Too is my FAVORITE so I was totally in my happy place!

More Diagon Alley

Rip, Ride, Rock It coaster. It goes STRAIGHT up and I thought I was going to die but it was a BLAST the second time around!!

Me and Gab getting eaten by Jaws, no big deal

My sis and dad in New York!

The calmer version of the dragon, when he’s not spewing fire.

Islands of Adventure Park


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

{This is part of Islands of Adventure}

Three Broomsticks restaurant in Hogsmeade. We had breakfast here one morning. We also ate at The Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley!

I bought a wand!! It is Luna Lovegood’s second wand.

Volcano Bay Water Park

Lot’s of pictures, I know but I had a great time!



Hello friends!! I just wanted to do a simple post today and share some wallpaper for your phones! I’m a sucker for switching up my phone’s lock screen so I made these 4 for you. I love the quotes and picked 2 that I really liked. I gave you guys some color variation so pick whichever one’s you want! Hope you enjoy, happy Friday!! xoxo

disclaimer: I do not own the background images, just got them from Pinterest and added the quotes!





{ planner, cup }

I drank a gallon of water a day and this happened…

I have never felt better honestly, my face is clearer and brighter and I do not feel bleh. Now i haven’t worked out in weeks and have just been feeling gross. Without changing my diet at all, just simply drinking a gallon of water {or close to, because it definitely is hard!} I feel 10x better about myself mentally and physically.

I drank a gallon of water everyday for a week. Now I no longer do this, because it is SO hard to keep up with. I am more mindful of my water intake and can drastically feel a difference with my body, both inside and outside, when I don’t have enough water in me.

Now, I’m no doctor, and I honestly think a gallon of water for my weight is a little much, so do some research. Your water intake is supposed to be based off of your weight. But, if you google it, the estimated daily intake is about 8 glasses, or 1.9 liters a day. This is all wayyy to much, so I just fill my water bottle up like 3 or 4 times a day ha!

Anyway here are some water fun facts!:

-eliminates toxins which ultimately helps you to lose weight because the toxins are no longer being stored in fat cells

-water is one of the most vital sources of energy, so instead of going for another cup of coffee or downing a red bull, drink some water

-prevents overeating and makes you feel fuller, which keeps you from randomly eating {haha @ me}

-decreases headaches {unless you have allergies and get migraines like me, that does not help ☹️} headaches are the first sign of dehydration

-improves skin and helps with preventing wrinkles, acne and brightening dull skin

-when you drink more water it actually boosts your metabolism which means your body burns food quicker and reduces overall weight gain

-makes your hair and nails stronger and helps give you a healthy scalp


  1. Your bank(s) / credit card app
  2. Square Cash {aka CashApp}, Venmo {between ALL of my friends / college students they use these 2 the most}, PayPal. Super easy to pay your friends back, transfers the same day, right away. Side note: I hate Venmo bc it does not take the money out of your bank account right away, you could keep spending your money and end up being in debt and owing Venmo
  3. College specific apps: example, I go to Ohio University so I have the culinary app so I can check dining hall times, menus, my meal plan / bobcat cash balance, etc. There are other OU apps but I didn’t like them so I deleted them   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Quizlet: study your flash cards on the go!
  5. Blackbord: while not necessary it’s nice to have if your college uses BB and it’s cute!
  6. Dropbox: no explanation needed. Just have it.
  7. Email: I don’t use my Apple email app {bc it was being weird} so I have both the Gmail app and the Outlook app for my school email. You can link different emails on Outlook though!
  8. Music apps: Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, etc are all great music apps. It’s nice to listen to music on your way to class or in the library
  9. GroupMe: a great way to connect without giving your number. I use it for tons of groups! My fashion club and other orgs use it, there’s a big group with freshman and some of my friends too!
  10. Uber or Lyft if you need to get around. Sadly Athens is too small for either.

I can’t really think of any other apps that I use specifically in college! I definitely get great use out of the 9 I’ve listed. I hope you consider downloading some, if not all! Thanks for reading! xoxo

Also here is the recipe for the blueberry lemon cupcakes that were on my Insta story yesterday.



When your mom crashes your picture party! Haha

TOP: Boohoo | SHORTS: Old Navy, old, similar here | SHOES: Old Navy | BAG: Marshall’s, similar, finally found a cheap black cross-body!!! | WATCH: Kate Spade

Hello! I recently wore this outfit to Cincinnati’s first Taco Festival. I was so excited to go, and was originally supposed to go with a big group of friends but most of them bailed :/ and yes I’m throwing shade. Luckily my fam bought me a ticket without me even knowing and I got to go!

I literally had been SO excited for this for like a month and a half. Let me just say it was awful. First off there were the longest lines ever and the vendors ran out of tacos 2 hours into the event. On top of this, the tickets were $12 per person plus $2 per taco {thumbs down emoji}, basically I will not be returning!

ANYWAY, I loveee this top! I thought I ordered a bodysuit but it didn’t come as one haha but it’s till great. I ordered a ton of stuff when they had their 60% off sale. I got like $120 worth of stuff for like $67 and then went back the next day and got 2 pairs of shoes for 50% off each!! I will have to do a makeshift blog haul some how! Maybe a collage?? It’s been a minute since my last collage!

Anyway have a fabulous day!