College Essentials


College Essentials
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For today’s post I wanted to focus on the top things that I have been using since I started college. Over the summer I scoured Pinterest in the hopes of mastering the key things I would need. Now that I’ve been around the block for a total of four weeks, I’ve complied some of the things I use on a daily basis!

1. My ride or die essential has to be my planner. I’ve been using the large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda for 3 years now and I love it. The bright colors and fun patterns definitely help to brighten the day.

2. Now this one is a newbie for me. I picked this beauty up during the Kate Spade Surprise Sale and I love it! It’s really important to have a wristlet/cardholder. When I want something a little bigger, I carry my Michael Kors Electronic Wristlet, but on a day to day basis I carry my Kate Spade Darla. It surprising holds a lot and has a key ring on it that holds my keys. 10/10 would recommend!
3. My Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC is my go to cross-body bag. I actually really love the light powder blue color. It’s so light it’s almost a neutral and matches just about everything.

4. I always carry my portable charger, whether it’s in my backpack or in my purse when I go out.

5. Coffee is always an essential in my book and so are cute coffee mugs!

6. I wake up about 45 minutes before class and never go to the dining halls, so I try to keep fruit in my fridge and snack bars in my backpack. It’s good to have something on the go and to tie you over until after class.

7. Chapstick is a must for everyone. There is nothing worse then having chapped lips!

8. An umbrella is key as well, it’s pretty self explanatory. Getting soaked in between classes sucks, a mini umbrella is your best friend!

9. Earbuds/ headphones are a must! I use these every single day. A portable speaker is also something good to have.

10. A water bottle is a good thing to have as well. I find it a lot harder to keep my water intake good because I am so busy, so having a water bottle is a great solution.

11. And last but not least, a watch! I think they’re pretty cute and very functional.



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