Drinking A Gallon of Water A Day?!

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I drank a gallon of water a day and this happened…

I have never felt better honestly, my face is clearer and brighter and I do not feel bleh. Now i haven’t worked out in weeks and have just been feeling gross. Without changing my diet at all, just simply drinking a gallon of water {or close to, because it definitely is hard!} I feel 10x better about myself mentally and physically.

I drank a gallon of water everyday for a week. Now I no longer do this, because it is SO hard to keep up with. I am more mindful of my water intake and can drastically feel a difference with my body, both inside and outside, when I don’t have enough water in me.

Now, I’m no doctor, and I honestly think a gallon of water for my weight is a little much, so do some research. Your water intake is supposed to be based off of your weight. But, if you google it, the estimated daily intake is about 8 glasses, or 1.9 liters a day. This is all wayyy to much, so I just fill my water bottle up like 3 or 4 times a day ha!

Anyway here are some water fun facts!:

-eliminates toxins which ultimately helps you to lose weight because the toxins are no longer being stored in fat cells

-water is one of the most vital sources of energy, so instead of going for another cup of coffee or downing a red bull, drink some water

-prevents overeating and makes you feel fuller, which keeps you from randomly eating {haha @ me}

-decreases headaches {unless you have allergies and get migraines like me, that does not help ☹️} headaches are the first sign of dehydration

-improves skin and helps with preventing wrinkles, acne and brightening dull skin

-when you drink more water it actually boosts your metabolism which means your body burns food quicker and reduces overall weight gain

-makes your hair and nails stronger and helps give you a healthy scalp


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