Okay, so now that I’ve been in college for almost a full school year, I figured I’d share some tricks, tips and hacks with you guys. Honestly I don’t know what happened, my life was pretty together before I started college and somehow it’s the biggest hot mess, but I wouldn’t trade the chaos for anything! I sat down with my boyfriend and we came up with lots of tips and tricks!

Show Dining Halls More Love

Eat in the dining halls!! The reason I am broke is because my spoiled self likes to eat out, thats the biggest mistake I made during first semester. I often avoided the dining halls (probably why I barely gained weight too!) and either barely ate or went to Court St. where all the good places are. Save your money and treat yourself every once in awhile!

Save, Save, Save!!

Work and save money don’t spend your grad money!!- never told my family this but my friend Honesty and I¬†probably dropped about grand in a matter of 2 months. We just kept shopping and I hate myself so much for it.

Drink Water

There’s no doubt that night time in Athens is a little wild, Court St. literally reeks of liquor, so if you plan on going out drink tons of water, so you don’t die ūüôā And even if you don’t go out, still drink tons of water, it works wonders on your body!

Take Advantage of Space

My dorm room is pretty tiny, and I have one of the bigger rooms, I have tons of storage bins and even a storage ottoman! It’s super cute, collapsable, a place to sit and perfect to store whatever you need! You can also find some pretty cheap ones on Amazon or dorm websites. And Target’s dollar area is perfect for getting makeup brush/ pencil holders, so check there too!

Makeup Storage

FullSizeRender 39.jpg

I got an acrylic makeup organizer over the summer and it has been one of the best dorm purchases I have made! I need one for my room at home!

Be Spontaneous


I’m a pretty spontaneous person anyway, but college has definitely increased that. For example a student org was handing out fish in the student center and I took one! I got some food from CVS and he lived in a coffee pot for a week until I got a bowl. His name is Leo and he’s so cute!!

Don’t Take A Bunch of Naps!!

Yeah I’m the person that got into the habit of sometimes taking two naps a day. Don’t be like me! Drink coffee, ice cold water and get plenty of rest. I plan on doing a post about how to stay awake, so stay tuned!

Go To The Library

Going to the library in between classes has really helped me! If I went back to my room, there is a HUGE chance that I would take a nap. (I’m at the library typing this hehe!)

Wait To Buy + Rent Textbooks

Wait to buy your textbooks, and rent them!! And take advantage of the rental return policy if you end up not¬†needing¬†them. I have two¬†books sitting in a box under my bed because I don’t need them and missed the return date so I can’t get my money back now! ūüôĀ

Use A Planner

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Pretty self-explanatory, use a planner, see this post for organization tips.

Pay Attention While Taking Notes

Pay attention to the notes you’re taking- blanking out and just copying doesn’t do jack for brain retention

Go To Class

Go to class! Of course I’ve skipped a couple classes here and there, I’m only human but I really try to not¬†miss class. There’s no point in wasting your money or your parents money..

ALSO, don’t skip class to lay in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend.¬†Guys are not guaranteed but your education is! Also he’s not going to pay my bills my job will!

Share Your Location

Share your location with your friends; better to be safe than sorry!

Be Smart About Strangers

Don’t¬†have random people walk you home from the bar/parties-literally the dumbest thing you can do!

Create Class Folders 

Create folders for all of your classes on your laptop so you have easy access to the syllabi and any other important documents- you can also save papers that you have to turn in in these folders

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Look at that side eye, I’m not the only sassy one in Cincinnati.

¬†Honesty’s dress is from TJ Maxx,¬†similar here and here // rose gold clutch¬†// super¬†similar¬†fringe heels // Alex and Ani¬†bracelet (exact one sold out) // Forever 21 choker,¬†similar here, here and here

How cute is my friend!! This is Honesty, she’s from Cincinnati and goes to OU too! So a few weeks back I posted a V-Day inspo outfit¬†that I wore¬†for an event called Harlem Nights. I talk more about the event in that post, But this is the outfit Honesty wore for the event.¬†I’m digging the monochromatic taupey vibes and the pop of rose gold. You can never go wrong with a little rose gold!

All of my friends are really cute and each have their own unique style and I can’t wait to share more of them and their outfits on Cincinnati Sass, so stay tuned!!

Honesty’s Instagram + Twitter

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Old Navy lace-up flats // black jeans // Gap denim jacket // similar white top // gold ball earrings // similar necklaces here and here // Kate Spade Gramercy watch

From the moment I noticed the lace-up shoe trend, I became obsessed. About a year and a half ago I got some black lace-up flats and have been hooked! While I was home for Christmas break I picked up three or four more pairs from Old Navy. Now they have more colors, so my collection may grow. I’m also loving lace-up sandals, they’re so fun to spice up a simple dress or romper.

As for this outfit, I had to get dressed up to take some pictures for this little competition I’m in with my friends. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the pictures that day, so I put on real clothes and makeup for nothing. And yes, these pictures were taken at the library, college blogger probs! Make sure you check out some of the cute lace-up shoes I linked below!!


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

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In Bloom

Ughhhh I just love Spring so I made a Spring themed collage! Okay so I am actually obsessed with these heels, I first saw them on one of my fave blogger’s (McKenna Bleu) Instagram and I had to hunt them down! Also ever since Gucci revamped their double logo belt, I’ve been hooked. I love this floral one but I think this summer I might have to treat myself to the black one, I’ve been obsessing for awhile over it. I think for the past year and a half I have really felt myself transition to quality over quantity, meaning I’d rather pay more for¬†something and invest in it if I know it will last me long time. Now I’m not putting an end to all inexpensive fast fashion stores (lol because I’m broke) but quality is definitely more appealing to me now. I mean it’s called fast fashion for a reason, it’s meant to be worn and thrown away, that’s why it’s so cheap, so take that as you will.

Also look at me and my retail vocabulary, looks like this college thing is starting to work! Thanks for reading guys!! p.s. click the pictures for links!




black and white heels //¬†similar¬†vanity // curtains //¬†bracelet holder // star lights // twinkle lights // makeup holders found at Target dollar area! I¬†have this one at school! // magazine cutouts are all W Mag. or Teen Vogue // I have A LOT of stuff in my room, so it’s hard to link it all!!

Since ¬†I have shared my dorm room, post here,¬†I figured I would share my room at home! I know the pictures are dark, I’m not going to lie I took the pictures at night.. I tried to link to a lot of the stuff in my room if any of you all are interested but I literally have so much stuff in my room and none of it is really new either. Also these pictures were taken while I was home on break, so I definitely plan on doing an updated room tour over the summer, I think that one will be a little more accurate.

When it comes to my room, I don’t really have a theme or anything, it’s just colorful and filled with crafty stuff and little knickknacks. I like to call myself a walking Pinterest Board, so many of the things are diy crafts. I kind of just moved into the spare bedroom in my house, so I had to spice up the white walls¬†and make it my own, hence the color explosion. My dorm room looks a little different just because I had a blank canvas to work with. I’m also in the process of adding and taking away some things just to make it appear a little more “grown up” and simplistic. I love decorating and adding colorful pieces and definitely can’t wait until I move into my first apartment (junior year I’m waiting on ya!)