Warm Weather Vibes

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#11 doesn’t have a number but its the romper!
We’ve been having really warm weather lately and it’s making me crave spring and summer. It’s crazy that it’s in the 50s and 60s in February, it’s pretty great (even though the polar bear’s homes are melting 🙁 ) It just makes me want to be in cute dresses, flowy tops and sandals so I put together some of the things I want!
I’ve always wanted one of these. I’m a fan of pullovers, they’re just easy to wear with pretty much anything. And the print adds some fun color to any outfit!
I honestly don’t have many clutches but I definitely want to hop on the embroidered bag trend, maybe a fun crossbody bag too! I have been eyeing these fun bags since last summer, so it is definitely a must have for me! p.s. this one’s cute too!
3. Tassles + Dresses
I love a good warm weather dress, and I definitely want to get more. They’re so easy! Put on a dress and you basically have a whole outfit. I also am really feeling the tassel trend. I have a few shirts with tassels on them but I definitely want more because they’re just so fun and creative, perfect for summer. The one pictured is currently sold out but I want this one too!
4. A light colored bag
I actually really like this Rebecca Minkoff bag, it’s like a blush suede, and I’m enjoying it. I really like the Mini Mac because it’s a great crossbody bag, and a nice size! I like this one too!
I’ve wanted these for awhile now but I just kept buying other things before them, so these beauties are definitely at the top of my list for this summer!
6. Bathing Suits
I have this thing where I see bathing suits (and sunglasses) and blackout and then the next thing I know I have 400 bathing suits (and sunglasses). So last summer I told my self to chill out and only bought two tops, they were $4 from H&M so I had to (at least thats what I told myself). I also got rid of a bunch because I am a bigger size in tops now, so I honestly do need a few more this summer…
7. Shirts
I get bored with my tops pretty quickly. I always end up giving them away or trading clothes with my friends, but I definitely want to pick up some cute blouses and t-shirts!
8. Pom Pom Sandals
I really want some of these sandals, but honestly I want to diy them myself. I love being crafty and college has limited my craftiness, so I may tackle them over spring break or later!
9. Embroidered Shorts
You guys know I’m loving the embroidered trend and each summer there is always some super cute short trend and this is one I want to hop onto.
10. White Jeans
I’ve been wanting a pair for awhile, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of my discount and grabbing these.
11. Rompers
Probably the easiest summer outfit ever! Some of mine shrunk, or I grew or something, so I definitely want to get some more.
That pretty much wraps up what’s on my summer wishlist. I just can’t wait to be in the warm sun and in cute summer clothing! Thanks for reading and please share some of your warm weather wishlist items!!


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Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC (sky color is sold out 🙁 ) // Kate Spade Darla baby wallet // portable charger // Bean Boot key chain // bedazzled pepper spray // taser (I recommend a smaller sized one.. protect yourself ladies!)

Okay so first off let me address the weapon in my purse… Yes, I carry a taser when I go out at night or if I go to the library late at night and I know that I’m going to have to walk majority of the way home alone. I carry one for safety; over Sibs Weekend alone, there were three documented rapes and I don’t want to be a part of that statistic. That’s scary and I would rather be safe than sorry! I also have pepper spray too, but that’s always on my keys. Okay scary part out of the way, so 8 times out of 10 I carry my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC when I go out. It’s been pretty trusty and I definitely plan on investing in another color. I do have to say it has some roughed up spots in some areas, but I do carry it a lot. It’s super versatile and the blue color is so light its basically a neutral.

I always have my keys and my baby wallet! If I’m carrying a clutch or smaller bag, I’ll switch to a cardholder but usually it’s the baby wallet (FYI I’ve just decided to refer to it as the baby wallet from now on haha). I’m not going to lie that little Bean Boot is really cute but it can definitely be annoying shoving your keys in your bag if you’re in a hurry! Aside form these essentials, I carry hand sanitizer because these bars do not keep up with their soap supply! I pretty much have chapstick and hand sanitizer in every bag though. Actually come to thank of it, I don’t even think I emptied out the front pocket of this bag (oops). It usually just has my lip product of the moment, chapstick, lady products, and mints, nothing too special. I don’t always carry a snack but I hate spending money here, I die a little every time I have to buy food when I’m out, so I try to throw in a little snack just in case I get hungry! A HUGE must have is a portable charger and/ or plug. I have probably run into a good 10 people with dead phones this school year, lost and separated from their friends.. Thats tragic and I never want to be in that position.

That’s pretty much everything I carry on a typical night out! Also make sure you share your location with your friends just in case you guys ever get separated (especially if you have friends that wonder off haha!) Thanks for reading!!




Old Navy jacket (wearing kids xxl, similar) // similar white lace top // Hollister Jeans // Kate Spade Small Harmony Crossbody // similar leopard flats // Tiffany Bracelet // Kate Spade Gramercy Watch

I love a pop of color, especially in the dull cold weather months. This bag is probably more suited for spring and summer, but who cares! I love mixing textures and prints, like this white tank I got at Marshall’s a few seasons back and this camo jacket. Honestly, this jacket is one of my favorites. It’s actually a kid’s jacket, I’m wearing an XXL and it fits pretty well, the arms are a tad short (thanks to my long arm genes), but I just roll the sleeves and call it a day. Aside from the lace and camo, I also have my favorite leopard flats. I just love wearing these flats with this jacket, it’s fun and funky!

I hope you all are having a good start to your week! Thanks for stopping by!



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Comforter // Lilly P planner (out of stock)  // tortoise notebook // similar monogram sticker // Lilly P pencil bag (out of stock)  // shirt // jeans // watch // pearls (gift from my friend)

I wanted to share some of the ways that I stay oragnized during the school year. For the past three years I have used a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda. I really love them! Honestly, I just love the bright colors, it makes learning fun, cheesy, I know but very true! I literally write everything in it; when I wash my hair, when I need to get my allergy shots, when things are due (obviously), what my weekend plans are, basketball/football games, what blog posts are going up on what days, the list goes on. Between my club and organization, Fashion Associates and BSCPB (Black Student Cultural Programming Board) and this fraternity stroll competition (Akt Like A Nupe), I’m very busy and sometimes overwhelmed. I do have a separate planning method for my blog though. I have a binder with various blog info and calendar print-outs that is solely for documenting when each post goes up. Because I don’t look at my blog planner every day, I like to right the post titles in my Lilly planner.

I also use stickers for pretty much everything! I think they’re cute and fun and jazz up the pages. Aside from using stickers to help mark different things, I make check boxes next to different assignments or to do lists. Once I complete something, I cross it it off! I am a very visual and weird person, so I have to physically see a line through something or I feel frazzled and get overwhelmed because it doesn’t look like I’ve completed anything. I also color code for this reason as well. For each class, or anything in general, I write them in a different color just so I can easily differentiate the different things I need to do. It also adds a lot of color and looks super cute. As for pens, my pencil bag is actually insane. I love pens, I always have! I clearly love color so it only makes sense to have a million colored pens. For this school year, I ordered a lot of pens from jetpens.comit is truly a magical website, especially if you’re a pen fanatic like me.

I actually left my pencil bag at home when I came back from break and almost dropped out because I just could not function (kidding of course!), but luckily my cute mom mailed my bag down!

 Thanks for reading guys!! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest too! I have a college organization board!





Missguided bomber // Forever 21 off the shoulder dress (old), similar here, here and here // similar bag (mine is from last season) look how gorg this is though! // Chinese Laundry heels (old), love these, these and these // Kate Spade Gramercy Watch // Alex and Ani bracelet // similar diamond studs // Ohio necklace // ring from boutique in Cincinnati 

Okay, so I’ve literally been trying to take pictures in this outfit for the longest! I originally wanted it to be a part of my Valentine’s date night inspo, and I’m so glad it is! I love this dress so much! I got it off of Forever 21’s site a few months back for a steal and have just been dying to wear it! Saturday night was the night I finally got to wear it. I will say that it is not food baby friendly though!! I paired it with my junior year prom shoes which are literally a color explosion and just so fun. It was so nice to get dressed up, even if it was only for a few hours.

A few of my friends and I went to an event on campus called Harlem Nights. Since it is Black History Month, the Black Student Union put on an event highlighting different artists from the Harlem Renaissance era. It was nice seeing people dance, sing and read off poems and a great way to pay tribute to those artists and the food was pretty yummy too! Thanks for reading!