TOP: Old Navy | SKIRT: Forever 21 | SHOES: Old Navy, old, similar here | NECKLACE: Charlotte Russe, now only $2!!! | BAG: Charming Charlie, similar | WATCH: Kate Spade

Thanks to global warming, it’s still af. So, why not continue warm weather outfits!! I am obsessed with this bf shirt, I got it right before I left for school, along with this skirt. You know I’m obsessed with Old Navy’s linen blend bf tees. And you guys should recognize this necklace from this post, it is the one I scored for $4!

TOP: Old Navy | SHOES: Old Navy | BAG: Marshall’s, similar here | EARRINGS: Bluetique | WATCH: Kate Spade

I actually just wore this skirt the other night when I went to a party. I loved how it turned out. The velvet top is from last fall but velvet is still big so I’m sure a newer model will be back!



Homecoming dress is from Dillard’s

disclaimer: I do not have the exact info on Gabriella’s outfits, so everything linked is a similar item, except the Apple Watch!

Every blogger I follow is currently posting fall or transitioning fall outfits, meanwhile I’m still not ready to let the warm weather go. I love fall, until it gets super cold. And now that I’m farther upstate, compared to Cincinnati, the winter is just a tad more cold. And by a tad I mean frigid. Anyway my photographer, aka my sister, was taking my pictures and she just looked so cute I had to snap some pics! Also she just went to homecoming with her little boyfriend and look how cute they were!

I promise some fall themed blog posts will be coming soon! Thank you for reading!



DRESS: Forever 21 | BAG: Old Navy | WATCH: Kate Spade | SHOES: Old Navy, similar here | NECKLACE: Charlotte Russe, got for $4!! | HEADBAND: my big head stretched this one out got this new one! |

Hey guys, happy Monday! I wanted to share this outfit while it was still warm out! I picked up this dress from Forever right before I moved back into school. I got it the same day I got this necklace, which I’m obsessed with by the way. Literally everyone complimented it and asked if it was multiple necklaces or just one when I wore it to work. It seems to be a hit, and it was literally $4!! I just think it’s adorable with this dress.

Thanks for reading!



Comforter | similar white pillow | similar throw pillows | similar gold leaf {on desk} from target clearance | Kate Spade baby wallet | printer | twinkle lights | Keurig | bath mat, similar walmart bath mat | acrylic makeup organizers | LED makeup mirror | similar storage ottoman | hexagon cork boards | side tables are from my grandma!

See last year’s dorm tour here!

I love, love, love my dorm room this year!! I am in a single this year {thank God} and wanted to share my room with you all. If you’ve seen last year’s room, linked above, then you’ll recognize many of the items in my room this year. I switched out a few things and added some new pieces.

On Wednesday, I signed my 2018-2019 lease for junior year and now I’m just in such a decorating mood! Can’t wait to buy more decor goodies, follow along with my future dorm decorating on Pinterest!!




TOP: used to be a dress, read post, similar top | BOTTOMS: Old Navy, old found at Plato’s Closet, current style here | BAG: Longchamp Le Pilage | WATCH: Kate Spade | BRACELETS: Alex & Ani | EARRINGS: here super cheap dupe for Baublebar 

Hello my wonderful friends! I want to talk about this outfit and some of my problems, so prepare for a vent session.


So awhile back I was doing markdowns in clearance at the Nave and I came across this dress for like $3 but it was a petite. I bought it and tried it on and let’s just say if I wore it out in public, my vagine would be on display 👎🏾 I don’t support those type of shenanigans. It was so cheap I didn’t want to return it so I cut it and made it a top. It’s a tad tight but yolo.

As for the earrings…about 4 weeks ago I was having a dorm shopping extravaganza with my mother at good ole Walmart. I was looking for this setting powder which I did not find 🙁 ANYWAY, I came across these earrings for literally $5. They are a perfect dupe for these! I love Baublebar and have always wanted to buy their statement earrings but I thought it would be a waste just because I literally always wear studs, so it was a great find. I could not find the exact dupes online, so I would hunt for them in-store!

My Habit Probs

So I truly love blogging but I fell out of the habit of posting three times per week and social media during August. So now I am working on getting back on the grind and getting myself together. This is literally just how I am and it is soo annoying. I’m like this when it comes to working out too. Like I love working out but I have to be in the habit and get myself to do it once or twice. After those few times, I’m set and I crave it, just like how I once was with blogging. This is just such an awful habit to have especially when I’m trying to grow my brand and platform. Is anyone else like this? And what do you do??