Old Navy sweater // American Eagle jeans // Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac // Old Navy flats (my trashed going out version) // bralette // similar choker // similar earrings // highlight // large tote bag 

I snagged this tulip back sweater on one of my last days at the Nave over break. Of course it was right after I told myself I was done buying Old Navy stuff. It is just so cute! It comes in a few other colors, I think yellow, black, cream, and an orangey color I believe. We had lots of spring stuff out right before I left, so there might even be more colors now! I just wore a Gilly Hicks bralette that I got at Hollister years ago and called it a day. It’s a tad scandalous but yolo, I’m in college. My favorite ripped jeans and my trusty Rebecca Minkoff bag tied the look together. I added my black flats, the ones I only wear at night ( I have a daytime and a nighttime version of theses shoes now!) and a choker. I also highlighted the heck out of my face, but I like to glow, so oh well.

It was my first weekend back on campus and my friends and I celebrated our friend’s 21st Birthday. He just had a little kickback/ gathering at his apartment. It was nice because it was just our friend group and then we went to a party afterwards. I left the party because it was too packed and I just wasn’t feeling it — I know I’m such a  grandma, oh well.





Old Navy pink sweater (clearance, similar here) // AE Jeans // white vans // LV Eva Clutch // Kate Spade Gramercy Watch

I have been loving pink sweaters lately and have been on the hunt for one. During this hunt, I somehow accumulated three bright pink sweaters, and so far this is my fave! Although I myself am single (and ready to mingle), I still like getting in the Valentine’s Day spirit. So if you’re like me or just have casual Valentine’s Day plans this look is perfect for you!

I do have to talk about my totally trashed slip-ons though. The pictures make them look a little cleaner then they actually are. In shorter words, I only try to wear a select few shoes when I go out and these just happen to be one of the pairs. Like my black flats, I desperately need to replace them, but I had to buy some textbooks! :/

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? I hope you all are having a good week so far and happy February too!!




similar fur vest // white tee // AE Jeans // Kate Spade Small Harmony Crossbody (reduced price) // similar leopard flats // Kate Spade Gramercy Watch (currently sold out at Nordstrom, another style here) // Tiffany bracelet // similar necklace

Hey everyone! Today’s post features a super bright bag! Probably more of a summer purse, but ya know I don’t really care about those rules. I got this bag last year and love it so much! Her name is Penelope and she holds so much! I know the purse looks small but it somehow holds the vast amount of stuff I carry around. I’m loving the bright vibrant color with my fur vest which I don’t get enough wear out of at all! If you all have any fur vest outfit inspo. please let me know! Also I’m planning a “what’s in my bag” post with Penelope very soon so stay tuned!

Have a great rest of your week!!



PacSun LA Hearts sweater (sold out, similar here and here) // AE Jeans // Old Navy booties, old, similar here // Old Navy Tote // similar velvet choker (mine is from Bluetique in Athens!) // Kate Spade Gramercy Watch

Hey hotties! Today I wanted to share this super cozy outfit that I can’t stop wearing. I’m so sad this fuzzy sweater is sold out, I hope PacSun restocks it! My friends refer to it as the Grinch sweater and the Oscar the Grouch sweater. They are such haters! It’s just soooo soft and was my favorite Black Friday purchase! I’m also obsessing over this tote bag. I have wanted a bigger tote for the longest, it was even on my Christmas list. I opted to get a less expensive one just because I plan to throw my laptop and school stuff in this one and didn’t want to destroy an expensive bag.

I hope you all have a great week!