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Hey guys! Seeing as I am entering my sophomore year in college, I wanted to start posting some college related things more geared to freshman. Upperclassman can use this too! There are TONS of lists out there. I looked for all my college inspo. on Pinterest. {See my Dorm and College boards} SO, with that being said, I created a list of the items I actually bought to college, except one :'( . I actually forgot to include a drying rack, and that was such a major thing for me!

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Below are some things that I wanted to go more in-depth on and tell you why you NEED them!

Drying Rack

My mom has always used a drying rack for things like bras and denim, and I learned to do the same. SO, when it came to dorm life, I had to do the same. If your school’s anything like OU, then you’ll probably come into contact with a industrial strength washer and dryer, which means more heat. I’ve spent too much money on bras, jeans and those Lululemon leggings for them to shrink!

Shop mine here:

just click on the picture!


Storage Ottoman

I love my ottoman! Perfect storage and a great place for guests to sit. Mine is collapsable too, great for transportation.

Shop some here:



The washers and dryers at OU accept Bobcat Cash which you can upload to your student ID and quarters. I prefer to use my Bobcat Cash for food and other fun things which don’t include laundry. So, during the summer I stock up and save my quarters and my mom saves them for me during the school year.

Lock Box

My mom insisted on getting me one and it was very useful! I put my stamps, cash, checkbook {not that I ever used it!} and at one point, a concert ticket. Mine had a chord that I wrapped around my bed so it couldn’t walk off. I think it’s great, especially if you have a roommate, you don’t know who their friends are!

Shop mine here:


Febreeze + Lysol Spray

My roommate would do this thing where she would leave her Chipotle out or throw it away in the room, and my room would smell like booty. SO, I would spray tons of Febreeze and room spray. When I heard a sniffle from her or I felt sick I would spray lysol in the air, the carpets and our beds to try to disinfect.


Way better than an iron, here’s my theory. If you get an iron you need an ironing board, both take up space, more space than a steamer. Steamers are super easy and greta to have. I have a mini one and it’s super cute and great for traveling!

Shop mine here:



Everyone needs a flashlight for emergencies. Second semester the power went out on my side of campus and was out for a while. It’s nice to have a flashlight, which leads me to my next item…

Portable Charger

I mentioned the importance of a portable charger in another post { Read my ‘What’s In My Going Out Bag’} and it was great for when the power went out. I hadn’t charged my phone and needed it for the next day!

Shop some here:


Extension Chord

I never used one in my dorm room {we technically weren’t even allowed to..} but I did use it in the library. It was perfect for tables farther away from outlets!

Optional, but great items:


A must for coffee and tea drinkers. Mine is my best friend and my most used college item right behind my laptop!

Shop mine here:


Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are great if you want to work out and do yoga in your room or in the campus rec center. I always saw girls carrying theirs around campus. However a good hack for the yoga mat is for a mini mattress. Perfect for if you have guests over!

More college related posts can be found under my ‘college’ tab! I’ll be uploading this on Pinterest, please repin! Thanks for reading!

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Okay, so now that I’ve been in college for almost a full school year, I figured I’d share some tricks, tips and hacks with you guys. Honestly I don’t know what happened, my life was pretty together before I started college and somehow it’s the biggest hot mess, but I wouldn’t trade the chaos for anything! I sat down with my boyfriend and we came up with lots of tips and tricks!

Show Dining Halls More Love

Eat in the dining halls!! The reason I am broke is because my spoiled self likes to eat out, thats the biggest mistake I made during first semester. I often avoided the dining halls (probably why I barely gained weight too!) and either barely ate or went to Court St. where all the good places are. Save your money and treat yourself every once in awhile!

Save, Save, Save!!

Work and save money don’t spend your grad money!!- never told my family this but my friend Honesty and I probably dropped about grand in a matter of 2 months. We just kept shopping and I hate myself so much for it.

Drink Water

There’s no doubt that night time in Athens is a little wild, Court St. literally reeks of liquor, so if you plan on going out drink tons of water, so you don’t die 🙂 And even if you don’t go out, still drink tons of water, it works wonders on your body!

Take Advantage of Space

My dorm room is pretty tiny, and I have one of the bigger rooms, I have tons of storage bins and even a storage ottoman! It’s super cute, collapsable, a place to sit and perfect to store whatever you need! You can also find some pretty cheap ones on Amazon or dorm websites. And Target’s dollar area is perfect for getting makeup brush/ pencil holders, so check there too!

Makeup Storage

FullSizeRender 39.jpg

I got an acrylic makeup organizer over the summer and it has been one of the best dorm purchases I have made! I need one for my room at home!

Be Spontaneous


I’m a pretty spontaneous person anyway, but college has definitely increased that. For example a student org was handing out fish in the student center and I took one! I got some food from CVS and he lived in a coffee pot for a week until I got a bowl. His name is Leo and he’s so cute!!

Don’t Take A Bunch of Naps!!

Yeah I’m the person that got into the habit of sometimes taking two naps a day. Don’t be like me! Drink coffee, ice cold water and get plenty of rest. I plan on doing a post about how to stay awake, so stay tuned!

Go To The Library

Going to the library in between classes has really helped me! If I went back to my room, there is a HUGE chance that I would take a nap. (I’m at the library typing this hehe!)

Wait To Buy + Rent Textbooks

Wait to buy your textbooks, and rent them!! And take advantage of the rental return policy if you end up not needing them. I have two books sitting in a box under my bed because I don’t need them and missed the return date so I can’t get my money back now! 🙁

Use A Planner

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Pretty self-explanatory, use a planner, see this post for organization tips.

Pay Attention While Taking Notes

Pay attention to the notes you’re taking- blanking out and just copying doesn’t do jack for brain retention

Go To Class

Go to class! Of course I’ve skipped a couple classes here and there, I’m only human but I really try to not miss class. There’s no point in wasting your money or your parents money..

ALSO, don’t skip class to lay in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Guys are not guaranteed but your education is! Also he’s not going to pay my bills my job will!

Share Your Location

Share your location with your friends; better to be safe than sorry!

Be Smart About Strangers

Don’t have random people walk you home from the bar/parties-literally the dumbest thing you can do!

Create Class Folders 

Create folders for all of your classes on your laptop so you have easy access to the syllabi and any other important documents- you can also save papers that you have to turn in in these folders

Thanks for reading!! xoxo






Similar Pillows Comforter Supplies Holder / Similar Acrylic Tray  Card Holder Black Bag / Blue Crossbody Keurig Similar Desk Lamp Twinkle Lights Similar Cork Boards

Hello everyone! I wanted to share my home away from home, my dorm. Over the summer my roommate and I chose turquoise as well as some other shades of blue as our main color theme for our room. Along with the blues, we added pops of color to make the room a little brighter. I absolutely LOVE my room. It’s so cozy and bright, mainly because of the insane sunlight but that just makes for some bomb selfies.

Most of my decorations are total DIY’s, I’m basically a walking Pinterest board and love to get crafty. The small canvases, the cactus painting, some of the gallery wall and the Lilly P flags are all things that I made. I think these added details add some vibrancy and personalization to the room! One of my favorite parts of the room is the hanging inflatable sun. To be honest I took this from a pep rally from my high school, it was just laying there begging me to take it. It’s not like my school would miss it.

If you’re at all curious about where I got some of my things or what they are, I’ve linked them up above!