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BODYSUIT: Fashion Nova on sale!! | JEANS: Fashion Nova | SHOES: Old Navy | CLUTCH: borrowed, similar here | SUNNIES: Bluetique, similar here | NECKLACE: Bluetique, similar here

Happy Friday! I’m back with another going out outfit. I was unsure about this bodysuit when I first got it, but I have to say I like it. It’s a medium, and I really should’ve gotten a small but they were out when I ordered. It cinches in high in the waist, so the only way to wear it where it looks good are with high waisted jeans like these! These happen to be Fashion Nova jeans and are WAYYY better than my Forever 21 ones! This is an interesting material, but I like it. I also have this bodysuit which is the same material as well!




img_3713img_3688fullsizerender-42fullsizerender-41I wanted to share a little prom throwback today. I wanted to share my experience with buying at Dillard’s and buying a Sherri Hill dress at a boutique. This post will mainly talk about Sherri Hill and Kotsavos, the boutique where I got the dress.

Okay, so for some reason I’ve been (or was) obsessed with Sherri Hill since like fifth grade. I actually told myself in fifth grade that I was going to buy a Sherri Hill dress for prom, of course not knowing how freaking expensive they are!! Anyway my fifth grade dreams came true for my senior prom. I had a few dresses in mind, this one in particular, I even had it pinned on my Pinterest. I fell and love and bought it the day I first tried it on because it was the only one left and Sherri Hill wasn’t making anymore of this style for that year.

All was great until the day of prom. The dress has a pretty long train for a prom dress and someone stepped on it and ripped a couple holes in the bottom of the dress. One of the off-the-shoulder parts of the dress came apart too. It wasn’t it from my dancing, because I literally don’t dance, so I wasn’t being wild or anything. I don’t know if too many people tried on the dress at Kotsavos but a $600 + dress shouldn’t fall apart like that…

If I had to do it again, I’d probably still buy it, I love that dress so much and I don’t plan on selling it! The point of all of this is to not bend over backwards just to buy an expensive dress. I had money saved up so I wasn’t stressing too much, but definitely be aware of the style of the dress and the price!

I believe you can still buy this dress, and it’s probably way less then what I payed for. It’s Sherri Hill style 50086 for reference.

fullsizerender-40fullsizerender-39Onto Dillard’s, so my junior year prom dress came from there and I had no complaints. It was about $200 ( I can’t remember the brand, its at home) and held up really nicely. The only thing with buying from department stores is that other people may have the same dress, not many people are willing to spend $600 + on a dress so there won’t be as much of a duplicate risk. Choose wisely ladies and gents!! Similar striped dress here and here.

Anyway that’s all. This post is incredibly long, but I hope you prom-goers take something away from this!





Okay, so now that I’ve been in college for almost a full school year, I figured I’d share some tricks, tips and hacks with you guys. Honestly I don’t know what happened, my life was pretty together before I started college and somehow it’s the biggest hot mess, but I wouldn’t trade the chaos for anything! I sat down with my boyfriend and we came up with lots of tips and tricks!

Show Dining Halls More Love

Eat in the dining halls!! The reason I am broke is because my spoiled self likes to eat out, thats the biggest mistake I made during first semester. I often avoided the dining halls (probably why I barely gained weight too!) and either barely ate or went to Court St. where all the good places are. Save your money and treat yourself every once in awhile!

Save, Save, Save!!

Work and save money don’t spend your grad money!!- never told my family this but my friend Honesty and I probably dropped about grand in a matter of 2 months. We just kept shopping and I hate myself so much for it.

Drink Water

There’s no doubt that night time in Athens is a little wild, Court St. literally reeks of liquor, so if you plan on going out drink tons of water, so you don’t die 🙂 And even if you don’t go out, still drink tons of water, it works wonders on your body!

Take Advantage of Space

My dorm room is pretty tiny, and I have one of the bigger rooms, I have tons of storage bins and even a storage ottoman! It’s super cute, collapsable, a place to sit and perfect to store whatever you need! You can also find some pretty cheap ones on Amazon or dorm websites. And Target’s dollar area is perfect for getting makeup brush/ pencil holders, so check there too!

Makeup Storage

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I got an acrylic makeup organizer over the summer and it has been one of the best dorm purchases I have made! I need one for my room at home!

Be Spontaneous


I’m a pretty spontaneous person anyway, but college has definitely increased that. For example a student org was handing out fish in the student center and I took one! I got some food from CVS and he lived in a coffee pot for a week until I got a bowl. His name is Leo and he’s so cute!!

Don’t Take A Bunch of Naps!!

Yeah I’m the person that got into the habit of sometimes taking two naps a day. Don’t be like me! Drink coffee, ice cold water and get plenty of rest. I plan on doing a post about how to stay awake, so stay tuned!

Go To The Library

Going to the library in between classes has really helped me! If I went back to my room, there is a HUGE chance that I would take a nap. (I’m at the library typing this hehe!)

Wait To Buy + Rent Textbooks

Wait to buy your textbooks, and rent them!! And take advantage of the rental return policy if you end up not needing them. I have two books sitting in a box under my bed because I don’t need them and missed the return date so I can’t get my money back now! 🙁

Use A Planner

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Pretty self-explanatory, use a planner, see this post for organization tips.

Pay Attention While Taking Notes

Pay attention to the notes you’re taking- blanking out and just copying doesn’t do jack for brain retention

Go To Class

Go to class! Of course I’ve skipped a couple classes here and there, I’m only human but I really try to not miss class. There’s no point in wasting your money or your parents money..

ALSO, don’t skip class to lay in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Guys are not guaranteed but your education is! Also he’s not going to pay my bills my job will!

Share Your Location

Share your location with your friends; better to be safe than sorry!

Be Smart About Strangers

Don’t have random people walk you home from the bar/parties-literally the dumbest thing you can do!

Create Class Folders 

Create folders for all of your classes on your laptop so you have easy access to the syllabi and any other important documents- you can also save papers that you have to turn in in these folders

Thanks for reading!! xoxo





Look at that side eye, I’m not the only sassy one in Cincinnati.

 Honesty’s dress is from TJ Maxx, similar here and here // rose gold clutch // super similar fringe heels // Alex and Ani bracelet (exact one sold out) // Forever 21 choker, similar here, here and here

How cute is my friend!! This is Honesty, she’s from Cincinnati and goes to OU too! So a few weeks back I posted a V-Day inspo outfit that I wore for an event called Harlem Nights. I talk more about the event in that post, But this is the outfit Honesty wore for the event. I’m digging the monochromatic taupey vibes and the pop of rose gold. You can never go wrong with a little rose gold!

All of my friends are really cute and each have their own unique style and I can’t wait to share more of them and their outfits on Cincinnati Sass, so stay tuned!!

Honesty’s Instagram + Twitter

Thanks for reading!




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Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC (sky color is sold out 🙁 ) // Kate Spade Darla baby wallet // portable charger // Bean Boot key chain // bedazzled pepper spray // taser (I recommend a smaller sized one.. protect yourself ladies!)

Okay so first off let me address the weapon in my purse… Yes, I carry a taser when I go out at night or if I go to the library late at night and I know that I’m going to have to walk majority of the way home alone. I carry one for safety; over Sibs Weekend alone, there were three documented rapes and I don’t want to be a part of that statistic. That’s scary and I would rather be safe than sorry! I also have pepper spray too, but that’s always on my keys. Okay scary part out of the way, so 8 times out of 10 I carry my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC when I go out. It’s been pretty trusty and I definitely plan on investing in another color. I do have to say it has some roughed up spots in some areas, but I do carry it a lot. It’s super versatile and the blue color is so light its basically a neutral.

I always have my keys and my baby wallet! If I’m carrying a clutch or smaller bag, I’ll switch to a cardholder but usually it’s the baby wallet (FYI I’ve just decided to refer to it as the baby wallet from now on haha). I’m not going to lie that little Bean Boot is really cute but it can definitely be annoying shoving your keys in your bag if you’re in a hurry! Aside form these essentials, I carry hand sanitizer because these bars do not keep up with their soap supply! I pretty much have chapstick and hand sanitizer in every bag though. Actually come to thank of it, I don’t even think I emptied out the front pocket of this bag (oops). It usually just has my lip product of the moment, chapstick, lady products, and mints, nothing too special. I don’t always carry a snack but I hate spending money here, I die a little every time I have to buy food when I’m out, so I try to throw in a little snack just in case I get hungry! A HUGE must have is a portable charger and/ or plug. I have probably run into a good 10 people with dead phones this school year, lost and separated from their friends.. Thats tragic and I never want to be in that position.

That’s pretty much everything I carry on a typical night out! Also make sure you share your location with your friends just in case you guys ever get separated (especially if you have friends that wonder off haha!) Thanks for reading!!