In Bloom

Ughhhh I just love Spring so I made a Spring themed collage! Okay so I am actually obsessed with these heels, I first saw them on one of my fave blogger’s (McKenna Bleu) Instagram and I had to hunt them down! Also ever since Gucci revamped their double logo belt, I’ve been hooked. I love this floral one but I think this summer I might have to treat myself to the black one, I’ve been obsessing for awhile over it. I think for the past year and a half I have really felt myself transition to quality over quantity, meaning I’d rather pay more for something and invest in it if I know it will last me long time. Now I’m not putting an end to all inexpensive fast fashion stores (lol because I’m broke) but quality is definitely more appealing to me now. I mean it’s called fast fashion for a reason, it’s meant to be worn and thrown away, that’s why it’s so cheap, so take that as you will.

Also look at me and my retail vocabulary, looks like this college thing is starting to work! Thanks for reading guys!! p.s. click the pictures for links!




Share the Sass no. 2
Okay so I have been loving the embroidery trend lately. I really want to add a few embroidered pieces into my wardrobe and have been searching for the right ones! I wish I could afford the Gucci sneakers because I have been obsessing over them for months! Lately I have seen a lot of sheer or tank style bodysuits with floral embroidery and they are so cute! Everyone else must think they’re cute too since every time I go to buy one they’re sold out  🙁
Make sure you guys click the small pictures for the links!! Tell me your favorite trends going on right now! Have a great day!