When your mom crashes your picture party! Haha

TOP: Boohoo | SHORTS: Old Navy, old, similar here | SHOES: Old Navy | BAG: Marshall’s, similar, finally found a cheap black cross-body!!! | WATCH: Kate Spade

Hello! I recently wore this outfit to Cincinnati’s first Taco Festival. I was so excited to go, and was originally supposed to go with a big group of friends but most of them bailed :/ and yes I’m throwing shade. Luckily my fam bought me a ticket without me even knowing and I got to go!

I literally had been SO excited for this for like a month and a half. Let me just say it was awful. First off there were the longest lines ever and the vendors ran out of tacos 2 hours into the event. On top of this, the tickets were $12 per person plus $2 per taco {thumbs down emoji}, basically I will not be returning!

ANYWAY, I loveee this top! I thought I ordered a bodysuit but it didn’t come as one haha but it’s till great. I ordered a ton of stuff when they had their 60% off sale. I got like $120 worth of stuff for like $67 and then went back the next day and got 2 pairs of shoes for 50% off each!! I will have to do a makeshift blog haul some how! Maybe a collage?? It’s been a minute since my last collage!

Anyway have a fabulous day!




TOP: SheIn | BOTTOMS: Old Navy, similar | BAG: Kate Spade | SHOES: Old Navy | WATCH: Kate Spade | NECKLACE: Bluetique, similar here |

Hi everyone! I’m SOOOO excited to welcome you all to my new and improved blog! The url has changed slightly, but don’t worry if you type in the old one, it’ll redirect ya!

I was just over the old design, it served it’s purpose (and it was free!) but it was time to expand and upgrade. I wanted to add my own things and use cool widgets and FINALLY get a ‘Pin It’ Pinterest button on my pictures (hover over my pics!). I wanted total customization and now I finally have it. I was planning on waiting but kind of just woke up one morning and said today is the day. I couldn’t be more excited!

Now there may still be some kinks, so please comment or email me if you notice something weird!

Now to the outfit! Can we all first take a moment for my highlight, truly a gift. I got this top from SheIn and I’m just obsessed. It’s so cute but very shear. I had to dig up a black bandeau to wear with it. Nonetheless, I still like it and it’s only $15! It was so hot the day I wore this outfit, I cannot even put it into words, so maybe I’ll wear shorts next time!

Thanks for stopping by, and please follow me on all my social media platforms to stay up to date! Everything’s on my cute new sidebar! Also how cute is my new signature..

Also sorry for going completely ghost on the blog and my social media this week. I don’t really have an excuse, I just needed a mental break, but I’m back and I’m better. Have a great weekend!








Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati Sass

TOP: Old Navy {on clearance for $4.99!! in my store} | SKORT: Lilly P. old, similar here and here| SHOES: Jack Rogers | CLUTCH: similar | WATCH: Kate Spade | EARRINGS: Bluetique, {they’re 99 cents!}

Cincinnati Sass

Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati Sass

TOP: Old Navy | SHORTS: Lilly P, similar | SHOES: Jack Rogers | BAG: Kate Spade {sold out} | WATCH: Kate Spade | NECKLACE: Bluetique, simliar here | EARRINGS: Bluetique

Happy Wednesday everyone! And happy National Wear Your Lilly Day. I think this is such a cute lil day to break out your Lilly P pieces to wear on the first day of summer!

I included two looks because I just couldn’t choose! The skort I’ve had for about two years now and the shorts I got last summer! I never know what to wear with these crazy prints, so I always opt for white.

I’m super excited because I got a $50 off $100 Lilly coupon in the mail yesterday, so I’ll definitely be getting some more goodies this summer!

Also I love, love, love Lilly Planners, and the new ones are out!! I decided to try a different planner this year but will most def be getting a  Lilly notebook, because you can’t beat the cute prints!

As always thanks for reading!




Cincinnati SassIMG_3933 2Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassIMG_3930 2IMG_3904 2IMG_3910 2Cincinnati SassIMG_3914 2IMG_3912 2IMG_3916 2IMG_3922 2Cincinnati Sass

ROMPER: Old Navy, last season, similar here | SHOES: Old Navy, similar here| WATCH: Target | BAG: Old Navy, clearance!! | SUNNIES: Bluetique, simliar here | EARRINGS: From Saudi Arabia, similar here | PHONE CASE: Lilly P

Rompers are truly a gift. Put one on and you have a whole outfit, it’s pretty genius. I got this romper last year from The Nave and I love it. It’s super cute with this blue lacey bralette I have too! I wanted to share some other cute rompers I found too!

American Eagle


Forever 21

On to my life! I have been working SOO much I usually have only one or two off days per week, so I’m always tired, which sucks. It really sucks because my blog is suffering. Posts have been late and Friday I didn’t even post at all. So here I am on a Tuesday night at 1:18 am (I don’t work Wednesdays!!) typing up (for lack of a better word) hella posts 😂 I’m going to try to get myself together without overdosing on caffeine!

Alrighty that’s all! Happy hump day!

Cincinnati Sass recently:

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Processed with VSCO with c1 presetLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati SassLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati Sass

Leaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati Sass

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati SassLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati SassLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati SassLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati SassLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati SassLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati SassLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati SassLeaf Print Shorts | Cincinnati Sass

TOP: Old Navy | SHORTS: Old Navy, old, similar here and here | CLUTCH: simliar here | SUNNIES: Old Navy | SHOES: Old Navy | WATCH: Kate Spade | BRACELETS: Chavez for Charity, Alex & Ani

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Since I didn’t post yesterday I wanted to post today! Also a disclaimer that my hair is wild in these pictures!

Many of you saw this look on my Instagram a few days ago. I got these banana leaf shorts from the Nave about 2 years ago when I first started working there! I’ll be linking similar shorts above. This whole outfit is from Old Navy actually, I guess thats what happens when that’s the place you spend the most time!

This outfit is also live in my ‘SHOP’ tab! Thanks for reading!