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So, I have officially been a legitimate student at Ohio University for a full semester. Coming from Cincinnati, a decent sized city, I thought I would struggle a bit. However, I was wrong Athens, Ohio is small and there’s no way around that, but I love it here. I mean we could use a Panera but other than that it’s pretty good. I really thought I would be cooped up in my dorm room missing my family, but I haven’t. Of course I miss my family but I just feel like it’s my time to shine and I’m not dwelling on the fact that I won’t see them everyday.
I just feel like I belong here, everyone is so welcoming and inclusive, and I think that’s helped me as well. I will definitely  be going home a good amount so that I can work because your girl here can’t stop shopping *insert crying face here* and it’s a good excuse to see my family, friends and to take a shower without flip flops on!

But I don’t feel sad, I’m okay and I’m happy here in Athens for the time being, I’m just excited for the future! I have made fantastic friends who I will really miss over break, although some live in Cincinnati. My classes were great, it’s so nice to actually take classes I’m interested in and that pertain to my career. When people say college is WAY different than high school, they aren’t lying. There’s no drama and no one cares what you’re doing. If you want to dress for class or wear sweats it’s up to you and no one looks at you weird for doing so. It’s pretty amazing, there’s no judgement and it makes me wish I could’ve skipped high school! Anyway thank you all for tuning into my first semester of college reflection. I hope you enjoyed!







So maybe starting a blog during my first semester of college wasn’t the brightest idea… A lot has happened, a lot I have to catch you all up on, but first an explanation! Honestly, I just got busy. College is hard and it’s definitely an adjustment. So, with me heading back home Thursday night for a month, I figured I would try to start back up. I’ll actually have time to do outfit posts and have someone take my picture. The only thing I’ll really be doing is working and seeing my friends and family, so I will have plenty of time!

As for school, OU’s been good to me, I did great in all of my classes except math. Let’s just say Math 1200 will be the death on me and that I’m taking it again next semester. I need at least a C in math so I can take accounting and psych next year, so we’ll se how that goes. I know I can do it though! College is a lot different than high school. You have to do more on your own to actually learn the material. But aside from classes, Athens has been great. It’s small and I could never live the rest of my days here, but it’s fine for school. It’s just so cute, but it’s in the middle of nowhere. OU has such a party school reputation because there isn’t much else to do here night life wise. I don’t know, take that as you will. I love OU and can’t see myself anywhere else!