Hellloooo! I am so excited to be sharing this DIY with you guys!! I have been doing this the entire summer and have fallen in love with it! It is such a great scrub and the best thing is you can find all of the ingredients at home! Read through the entire post for all of the steps and how great coffee is for your skin {hint: wayy more benefits then ya think!}

So first things first: ingredients. You will need an oil; I have used both olive oil and coconut oil. I have to say coconut oil is way better and holds more of a solid form! You will need coffee grounds, I chose to use a used K-Cup, it’s like recycling!! And last but not least you will need some sugar, I chose just to use white sugar. I’m sure brown sugar works fine as well, although it tends to be bigger than regular white sugar, so it may be abrasive.

I will be honest, I have no idea about the measurements; I just kind of wing it haha! Do what you feel is best. In the end, less is safer and you can always add more in the end!

The Coconut Oil, my mom bought this for cooking purposes! I will link a similar one here.

Your basic white sugar.

Some super yummy {and strong!!} coffee grounds.

Starbucks K-Cups, my family’s Keurig {larger version}, my dorm Keruig, {smaller version}

Get a cute lil bowl and add the sugar. If you decide to use a K-Cup, you’ll have to remove the top foil and scrape the coffee grounds out. Add the grounds to the bowl!

Add in the coconut oil and mix, mix, mix! If it looks like dirt, you’re good!

Scoop some up and rub it between your hands for a test. After you think you’ve rubbed your hands enough, rinse and dry. You are left with the SOFTEST hands!! I do have to say that coconut oil has left my hands softer and more moisturized then when I mixed in olive oil.


I love to shave my legs first and then exfoliate with this scrub after. It leaves my legs soft, shiny and moisturized. I don’t even have to worry about putting on lotion after I shave! This is great for all over your body too! And it is totally natural.


Coffee has several different benefits for your skin and I wanted to share some of them with you!

Apparently the scent of coffee acts as a calming agent and is an anti-depressant as well, which be perfect in a warm shower or bath!

Coffee acts as a natural antioxidant and helps fight premature aging, cancer and heart disease. According to India Times, there is a study that shows coffee bean extracts can be responsible for preserving skin cell energy.

This coffee scrub in particular exfoliates, which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and increases blood flow as well! Scrubs remove dead skin and reveal new skin cells, leaving you with glowing skin. Best part is, you can make this one at home! And coconut oil allows for soft moisturized skin!!

As for skin texture, it constricts blood vessels, making the skin tighter and firmer. Coffee helps to regulate skin re-growth, which increases collagen.

I hope you enjoyed all of the information and the DIY I threw at you today!! Have a wonderful day. xoxo






IMG_5028FullSizeRender 120Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassFullSizeRender 116Cincinnati SassIMG_5001Cincinnati SassIMG_5020FullSizeRender 112FullSizeRender 111IMG_5036IMG_5018

TOP: Forever 21 | DENIM: Forever 21 | BAG: Rebecca Minkoff | SHOES: Converse, I had mine monogrammed at my mall, but you can order some on Etsy | NECKLACE: Bluetique, similar here | EARRINGS: Pangea, a Cincinnati boutique, similar here

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to throw a 4th of July outfit at y’all today. I think this is the perfect summery outfit to celebrate this holiday. Nice, simple and easy; these are all pieces EVERYONE has in their wardrobe.

And I loveee this bodysuit, I just got it and I’m obsessed! I’ve been doing so much shopping recently and I want to do a clothing haul blog post once I get everything in.

I don’t really have any specific plans for the holiday, honestly I’m trying to get on the schedule to make some extra money! That actually sounds horrific but hey, I’m not working a lot during July. What are your plans for the 4th??

Have a great weekend!




Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati Sass

TOP: Old Navy {on clearance for $4.99!! in my store} | SKORT: Lilly P. old, similar here and here| SHOES: Jack Rogers | CLUTCH: similar | WATCH: Kate Spade | EARRINGS: Bluetique, {they’re 99 cents!}

Cincinnati Sass

Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati Sass

TOP: Old Navy | SHORTS: Lilly P, similar | SHOES: Jack Rogers | BAG: Kate Spade {sold out} | WATCH: Kate Spade | NECKLACE: Bluetique, simliar here | EARRINGS: Bluetique

Happy Wednesday everyone! And happy National Wear Your Lilly Day. I think this is such a cute lil day to break out your Lilly P pieces to wear on the first day of summer!

I included two looks because I just couldn’t choose! The skort I’ve had for about two years now and the shorts I got last summer! I never know what to wear with these crazy prints, so I always opt for white.

I’m super excited because I got a $50 off $100 Lilly coupon in the mail yesterday, so I’ll definitely be getting some more goodies this summer!

Also I love, love, love Lilly Planners, and the new ones are out!! I decided to try a different planner this year but will most def be getting a  Lilly notebook, because you can’t beat the cute prints!

As always thanks for reading!





Cincinnati SassFullSizeRender 104Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati Sass

TOP: Forever 21 | DENIM: Hollister | BAG: Old Navy {blush color clearance} | SHOES: Jack Rogers | EARRINGS: From Saudi Arabia, simliar here

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good start to your week. I’m excited to share this top with you all! I call it ugly cute haha. Kind of ugly but kind of cute. I’m a bit annoyed because I got it on Saturday and literally cannot find it on the F 21 website. I linked a similar top which is also on my wishlist!

I spent my Saturday with my grandmother and then later at the pool with the fam! Sunday I had to work and we went out to dinner at Pappadeaux. It was sooo good! I would love to hear your weekend plans!!






Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati SassIMG_4349IMG_4348Cincinnati SassIMG_4347Cincinnati SassCincinnati SassCincinnati Sass

DENIM JACKET: Gap | TOP: Forever 21 | SHORTS: Marshall’s, similar here | BAG: Louis Vuitton | WATCH: Kate Spade | SUNNIES: Bluetique, similar | EARRINGS: Old Navy | SHOES: Old Navy

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like these weeks are flying by! For today’s post I wanted to share one of my favorite summer essentials, colorful shorts. I have always been a fan of adding a little color into my wardrobe. I got these shorts a while back at Marshall’s and the rest of the outfits are just staple pieces.

This outfit actually came from the earrings. Someone had ordered them online from the Nave and returned them at the store. They were laying at the cash registers and I was like these are cute let me put them on hold. I bought them and the rest is history! I wanted to create an outfit that highlighted the earrings and thats where the shorts came from. Everyone has a denim jacket and a white tee, just add a few pops of color!

Also side piece I am so excited for the Jaclyn Hill palette!! Omg it comes out on the 21st and I have to get my hands on it! I hope you all have a good weekend!