Comforter | similar white pillow | similar throw pillows | similar gold leaf {on desk} from target clearance | Kate Spade baby wallet | printer | twinkle lights | Keurig | bath mat, similar walmart bath mat | acrylic makeup organizers | LED makeup mirror | similar storage ottoman | hexagon cork boards | side tables are from my grandma!

See last year’s dorm tour here!

I love, love, love my dorm room this year!! I am in a single this year {thank God} and wanted to share my room with you all. If you’ve seen last year’s room, linked above, then you’ll recognize many of the items in my room this year. I switched out a few things and added some new pieces.

On Wednesday, I signed my 2018-2019 lease for junior year and now I’m just in such a decorating mood! Can’t wait to buy more decor goodies, follow along with my future dorm decorating on Pinterest!!



I am randomly posting on a Thursday because Monday and Wednesday were BUSY, I spent about 4 hours on my accounting homework Monday night and once again neglected my blog. But I am back and I am ready to get back into the swing of things. All of August was super busy. I was legit working doubles at work at least twice a week and I was exhausted. And then came move in day and all the fun and stress that comes with that. Now I am a week and a half into classes and ready to update you guys.

So this semester I’m taking 18 credit hours, that’s 18 too many if you ask me! But honestly its not too bad because I’m taking a class online. I also got a job at one of the markets on sucks, so there’s that update. I know I’ll be poor soon, so I’ll keep going to work *eye roll*.

I’m living in a single this year GOD BLESS. I am sooo happy and I will have a room tour coming soon! Please stay tuned for new posts coming as well! Tomorrow’s post will be a brand review, so get excited. If you’re a student I hope your classes are going well, and if you ever start to struggle, know you’re not alone because it’s the second week and I’m already losing my mind!



I wanted to write a post on study habits and managing classes. High school and college are quite different from one another and so are the study habits needed for them. High school, I just reviewed my notes, took my test and got an A or B. College you ACTUALLY have to study.. like a lot. No matter how smart you are, you will need to put some time and effort in. So let’s talk about studying and managing classes.

Going To Class

The MOST important thing you can do is go to class!! Yeah it’s easy to skip class and take a great nap but don’t! Some classes {like my fashion + culture class} take attendance points. These points will either help your grade in the end or ruin it if you can only miss a certain amount classes. My fashion class last semester only allowed us to miss 3 classes or we failed!

Dropping Classes

If you are FAILING or have a low grade, drop the damn class. This happened to me in math first semester. I thought I could turn my grade around. That didn’t happen.

Working With Peers

Try to find someone in your class that you can study with or get notes from and get their number. I was in a Learning Community 1st semester which is basically a group of people with similar majors that take some classes together. I love them and still try to take classes with them!


So my first semester of college, I took relatively easy classes {English, Math, Public Speaking, Intro to Retail and a Consumer Sciences class}, so I didn’t have to study much, which is also why I neglected to study for math. So, when it came to 2nd semester I was out of touch and my classes were much harder {Sociology, Math..again, Art, a Journalism class and Fashion and Culture}. I quickly learned that I had to put in a lot of time to get good grades on my sociology and math exams. I even had to study for art {lots of definitions!!} It was hard to build that routine, but I did it!

Going to the Library

Take time out of your weekly schedule to go to the library. For me I had time after Soc. and I would go to the library before my math class. That gave me about 2 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, to study, work on my blog, or get some homework done.

When to Start Studying

I personally like to start doing heavy studying a week or a week and a half before the actual exam, this excludes finals though because there is more at stake there.

Staying Awake {Without Dying}

I really recommend coffee and RedBull, but not too much!! Also chugging water and just staying hydrated in general is great too!

Thanks for reading!! Hopefully these tips help you like they helped me! Also happy start of classes if you’ve started already. I wish nothing but a prosperous year for all of you, college student or not!!





  1. Your bank(s) / credit card app
  2. Square Cash {aka CashApp}, Venmo {between ALL of my friends / college students they use these 2 the most}, PayPal. Super easy to pay your friends back, transfers the same day, right away. Side note: I hate Venmo bc it does not take the money out of your bank account right away, you could keep spending your money and end up being in debt and owing Venmo
  3. College specific apps: example, I go to Ohio University so I have the culinary app so I can check dining hall times, menus, my meal plan / bobcat cash balance, etc. There are other OU apps but I didn’t like them so I deleted them   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Quizlet: study your flash cards on the go!
  5. Blackbord: while not necessary it’s nice to have if your college uses BB and it’s cute!
  6. Dropbox: no explanation needed. Just have it.
  7. Email: I don’t use my Apple email app {bc it was being weird} so I have both the Gmail app and the Outlook app for my school email. You can link different emails on Outlook though!
  8. Music apps: Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, etc are all great music apps. It’s nice to listen to music on your way to class or in the library
  9. GroupMe: a great way to connect without giving your number. I use it for tons of groups! My fashion club and other orgs use it, there’s a big group with freshman and some of my friends too!
  10. Uber or Lyft if you need to get around. Sadly Athens is too small for either.

I can’t really think of any other apps that I use specifically in college! I definitely get great use out of the 9 I’ve listed. I hope you consider downloading some, if not all! Thanks for reading! xoxo

Also here is the recipe for the blueberry lemon cupcakes that were on my Insta story yesterday.



Hi friends! I wanted to share some money saving tips geared towards the college student. My first year I was BROKE. I’ve never, ever been that broke before! Trust me college broke is a different kind of broke! So here are some tips:

Disclaimer: should you really be listening to me?? I blew $1200 in one semester, proceed with caution.

Bank Accounts

Have both a checking account and savings account and maybe even an emergency savings that you never touch! Easier said then done to never touch it, but don’t!

Tip: My checking, savings, and car fund savings account are with one bank and I have another savings account with a different bank. This is great because it takes like 24 hours to transfer between banks so I can’t do quick transfers, which discourages me from dipping into that savings account. Hope that made sense ha!


Find a bank that’s in your college town. Look this up before you get on to campus. You will definitely need to go to an ATM at some point during the year.

Going Out

I truly do not know how people go out every night or 4 days a week. HOW? WHY? And $$$. If you do or plan on indulging in adult beverages, they can get pricey especially if you’re out 4+ days a week. Also if you’re under 21, you can end up paying a cover fee at bars. I’ve paid up to $5 just to get in. There are parties and events that require ticket purchases and it adds up. So, pace yourself, unless you’re rich, then go all out.

Overpriced Textbooks

Really, really, really, ask around and research if you need a textbook. I had professors tell me I needed the book and I never used it and got an A. Often times your college class will have a FB group, and you can ask there, or in the year before if you’re a freshman. I’ve always had great luck with responses.

Tip: Amazon rental is bomb for textbooks, and you can always return it {within a certain time frame} if you don’t end up using it!

Utilize Your Meal Plan

At some point or another, you will get sick of dining hall food. My tip: treat yourself, but not everyday, maybe not even every week. I lived right behind Court St. {Athens’ main street Uptown} and it was closer then the dining halls, so I would treat myself a little too much! I somehow spent $90 in February on food alone?! Don’t ask me how.

Tip: save your food money for when its 3 am and you’re leaving the bars, parties or the library! The dining halls will be closed at this time. Also delivery is your friend!!

Cash vs. Card

Sometimes I prefer to use cash over my cards because I’m more attached to it, but my friend is the opposite. If you find that you’re more likely to spend less of your cash then try to carry more cash, and vice versa. I definitely tend to blackout and just swipe my card like there’s no tomorrow!

Get A Job

Either get a job on campus or while you’re at school {I am this year!} or take advantage of long weekends and holiday breaks to go home and work! I didn’t have a job last year and loved not having the responsibility, but really could have used the money. There are a lot of college jobs that are desk jobs, and you’re allowed to bring your laptop and schoolwork!

I’m changing this for this upcoming year and already have an interview scheduled!

Save Money!!

Work your butt off over the summer and save your money!!! Save tons of money and your grad money too if you’re a freshman!

At the end of the day if you’re broke with $2.47 in your account don’t feel too bad because chances are you are not alone haha! I saw something on Twitter that was super funny about broke kids at OU. It said something like OU students will have $2.63 in their account and buy a $2 shot with no shame. I thought this was soo funny and super true, I’ve witnessed it! Anyway please use these tips and don’t be like me! Tootles!


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