The Clothes You’ll Actually Wear In College

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share another college related post. The list will also be on Pinterest!

Looking for a dorm checklist? See this post! I have a college school supplies checklist too! I really have you covered!

Below I go more in depth on a few items on the list below!

Please note that packing lists that say a max of 15 tops or 2 pairs of jeans are SO unrealistic, and yes I’ve seen these mentioned on packing lists on Pinterest. You have to understand that you will not be at home and you’ll want to be comfortable. And there is such a thing as overpacking, believe me! I brought a bit to much with me last year so this is the list that I will use for the upcoming school year.


T-shirts | not too many, maybe 8 to 10, depending if you sleep in them, workout in them, always wear them, or don’t plan on doing laundry often. {I brought too many last year}

Blouses + Button-downs | I think it is good to have a handful {3 to 5} combo of these tops just for events, rush / sorority events, interviews, business classes, etc.

Tops | honestly, you be the judge. I recommend a combo of nice day-to-day tops, going out tops / bodysuits, and nice tees. I plan on bringing about 25 {keep in mind I do take outfit pics often though!!}

Sweaters | I plan on bringing around 4, I didn’t wear all of the one’s I brought last year. They’re great under vests in the fall! It also depends on where you go to school, you may want to adjust for a harsher winter.


Jeans | This may be tricky, because I did not wear all of the jeans I brought. To be honest I’m still not sure of all the jeans I’m bringing this year. I’d say 5 to 6 is a good number, depending on how often you wear denim. {Honestly, you’ll wear leggings, shorts and sweats more than ya think!}

Shorts | 2 to 3 pairs of denim; you won’t wear them for very long. 3 to 5 of athletic / lounge shorts. I sleep in them sometimes and workout in them too!

Leggings | 6 to 7 pairs for laundry purposes! You’ll probably wear them a lot, same with sweats if you wear those instead.

Skirts | depends on how often you wear them. I plan on bringing 4 to 6 skirts for going out and casual. You be the judge.

Dresses | 4 to 6 for casual, parties / going out, and for fancier events.


Undies | I love underwear 😂 so I would say about 20ish {25 to be safe!} pairs, especially if you do laundry every couple of weeks.

Bras + Sports Bras | 4 to 5 bras, 3 to 5 bralettes { you’ll probs wear them more haha!} 2 to 3 sports bras, depending on how often you wear them.

Pajamas | Honestly I only brought a few PJ pants. I usually sleep in bralettes or t-shirts. You be the judge

Swim | I love swimming so I brought a one piece, 2 tops and one bottom. {I would go swimming at my friend’s apartment or the aquatic center}

Socks | 15ish and don’t forget taller socks for boots and fuzzy socks for when your room is FREEZING!

Vests + Coats | I’m a vest whore and have like 5 {but I wear them all!!}, but 1 to 2 is good for the normal person. 1 to 2 coats, like a lighter Northface and then a heavier coat.

Cardigans | I love cardis but didn’t use half of the one’s I brought. Save space and bring 3

Accessories | 2 belts {brown and black}; don’t overdo it with the bags, you won’t use large bags often. I will bring my Longchamp, my tote which also doubles as a school bag and probably 3 cross-bodies. A clutch is good to have too! Jewelry is very personal! I didn’t end up wearing a lot of big statement pieces!

Shoes |  causal sneakers {2}, gym shoes {1}, sandals {2}, messy shoes {for bars or Fest Season if you’re going to OU, r.i.p. to my shoes}, rain boots or duck boots, uggs or a winter boot, flats {2}, shower shoes / flip-flops, heels / wedges {try to go for neutral ones, 2 to 3}

Now I’m lucky, my family visited pretty frequently and I would ask them to bring me stuff or take home stuff I wasn’t using. If you are close to your hometown I would ask your fam to do the same. It saved me tons of space and I got to wear more of my favorite items!

Thanks for reading!!





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