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Hello everyone! I wanted to share my home away from home, my dorm. Over the summer my roommate and I chose turquoise as well as some other shades of blue as our main color theme for our room. Along with the blues, we added pops of color to make the room a little brighter. I absolutely LOVE my room. It’s so cozy and bright, mainly because of the insane sunlight but that just makes for some bomb selfies.

Most of my decorations are total DIY’s, I’m basically a walking Pinterest board and love to get crafty. The small canvases, the cactus painting, some of the gallery wall and the Lilly P flags are all things that I made. I think these added details add some vibrancy and personalization to the room! One of my favorite parts of the room is the hanging inflatable sun. To be honest I took this from a pep rally from my high school, it was just laying there begging me to take it. It’s not like my school would miss it.

If you’re at all curious about where I got some of my things or what they are, I’ve linked them up above!




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