Holiday Date Ideas: Friends OR Lovers

Blogmas Day 4!!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 4, if you’re unaware or new, I am doing 12 Days of Blogmas on Cincinnati Sass. It ends December 24th with a giveaway! I will have more giveaway details later on!

Today’s post is all about some fun, festive holiday date ideas for your friends, family and boyfriends/girlfriends! Below is a list of tons of fun things to do, along with a few pictures!!

Festival of Lights

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season! It’s cold, but there’s animals and tons of lights, what more could you ask for?! Also last time I went I had funnel cake FRIES. Plenty of time to cuddle and drink hot chocolate too!

Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights

Ice Skating

So cute and fun to go ice skating with friends! In Cincinnati, the rink is in the middle of downtown and it’s so pretty and festive! Also there’s always hot chocolate!

Go See a Christmas Movie

My family always seems to see a movie around Christmas time. It’s always nice to go to the theater with the fam. A few years ago, we saw A Christmas Carol.

Decorating Your Home and Tree

My family and I always seem to do this together. We get a live tree every year and typically pick it out together. My mom and I will decorate it, even though I seem to be in charge of decorating now. I think if you live with your friends or significant other, it would be fun to decorate together.

Holiday Musical or Play

If they’re your thing, I think it would be nice to get dressed up and go see one!

Holiday Baking

I love baking and it would be nice to have a baking companion this holiday season!

Gingerbread House Making

I have never made one or decorated one but I’ve always wanted to. Rachel Parcell does a gingerbread decorating party at her house once a year, and I live for the Insta Stories and Instagram pictures. Decorating as a couple or a party would be so fun!

Neighborhood Christmas Lights Drive

In some neighborhoods, people go ALL OUT, and I know it’s a thing in some areas to drive around and look at the lights and decorations on people’s homes.

Dinner and a Carriage Ride

Another date night idea downtown. It wold be fun to get dressed up , go to dinner and then end the night cuddled up in a horse drawn carriage.

At Home Christmas Movie Night 

If you’re too lazy to go out or just want to stay out of the cold weather, you could always Netlfix OR Hallmark and chill at home. This would also be fun if you live in a dorm!


When it snows a lot, sledding is a must!

Tubing, Skiing and Sledding 

Around here, we have Perfect North, which is essentially a fake snow covered experience. I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding, but tubing is such a fun thing to do. 10/10 would recommend!!

Holiday Shopping

I love shopping, obviously and I like shopping with someone! Perfect to help seal the deal or tell you that something is going to look bad. Plus during the holidays you can shop with gifts together!



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