My Holy Grail Makeup Products

everything is linked in the titles!
I love this liquid eyeshadow so much! It’s honestly so easy to use and you can have a festive, dramatic look in a few easy steps. I typically will use one or two eyeshadows in my crease just for some dimension and then add this on the lid. I take a brush to blend out harsh lines and it’s good to go!
My current foundation, I use this one too. I will use this one when I go out because it gives me a bit more coverage. I really want to try some higher end foundations. I’ve never felt like spending money on them but I’m ready, I’m taking suggestions!!
I really never got into blush until this summer. I have literally had one blush up until this palette. I wanted to try something new and I’m so glad I did. Blush gives you such a healthy and natural glow even if you’re wearing minimal makeup, and when you add highlight too! *heart eyes*
OKAY I just got this and I am obsessed. It is sooo pretty. I was in Columbus a few days back at Nordstrom and swatched this, long story short, it came home with me. It has such a pretty iridescent shine to it. It has a touch of purple, which sounds scary but it’s really pretty and has a hint of glitter too!
My favorite mascara I discovered last year. It’s like $5 and it really makes your lashes look longer and thicker. I have the green one and the orange one!
I got this palette for Christmas last year and I love it sooo much. There is a vast variety of matte colors as well. I don’t really use the shimmery colors in the palette because I like to use my other palettes but those are nice too.
I love this setting powder, it is so nice and does not flashback!! I was worried it would have a white-cast but it doesn’t!




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