Home Sweet Home


black and white heels // similar vanity // curtains // bracelet holder // star lights // twinkle lights // makeup holders found at Target dollar area! I have this one at school! // magazine cutouts are all W Mag. or Teen Vogue // I have A LOT of stuff in my room, so it’s hard to link it all!!

Since  I have shared my dorm room, post here, I figured I would share my room at home! I know the pictures are dark, I’m not going to lie I took the pictures at night.. I tried to link to a lot of the stuff in my room if any of you all are interested but I literally have so much stuff in my room and none of it is really new either. Also these pictures were taken while I was home on break, so I definitely plan on doing an updated room tour over the summer, I think that one will be a little more accurate.

When it comes to my room, I don’t really have a theme or anything, it’s just colorful and filled with crafty stuff and little knickknacks. I like to call myself a walking Pinterest Board, so many of the things are diy crafts. I kind of just moved into the spare bedroom in my house, so I had to spice up the white walls and make it my own, hence the color explosion. My dorm room looks a little different just because I had a blank canvas to work with. I’m also in the process of adding and taking away some things just to make it appear a little more “grown up” and simplistic. I love decorating and adding colorful pieces and definitely can’t wait until I move into my first apartment (junior year I’m waiting on ya!)




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