Let’s Go Out – 2 Looks


1st Outfit

Old Navy velvet top // Forever 21 skirt // Old Navy lace-up flats // Michael Kors wristlet // similar choker (from an Athens boutique) 

2nd Outfit

Old Navy velvet top // Forever 21 black jeans // Old Navy chambray shirt // Adidas Superstars // Michael Kors wristlet // similar choker

For some reason I only go out when I’m at school, when I’m home I like to stay home with family or be around friends, but I’m not really a part of Cincinnati night life. It’s so weird because I love going out in Athens, not every night and not even every weekend its just fun to look cute and go out with your friends.

So because I never really went out in Cincinnati I really had to step my wardrobe game up when I got to school. I remember the first night my friends and I went out. I wore a blush colored lace-up tank top, jeans and my rose gold slip-ons. It was cute but compared to everyone walking up and down Court Street, I was too casual. So I did some online shopping and stepped my game up. I figured this kind of post would help future college students, who like me, didn’t go out much in high school.

I know these pictures are not the best quality, but that’s another story! Also happy first day of classes to my OU peeps. I’m ready to kick this semester’s bootayyy!




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