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Happy Holidays and sorry for going missing, school happened 😭

So why are guys sooo hard to shop for? Luckily I have avoided having a boyfriend during the holidays up until this year. I have always struggled when it came to shopping for my dad too. What do you get the man that likes expensive, techy gadgets when you want to stick to a budget.

So I have complied a list/ guide to really get your creative present juices flowing. My dad has had a brief beer making journey so I thought this beer glass would be soo cute! It’s totally customizable and I got it for around $25, I’m sure he’ll love it.

I am planning on buying Jake, my bf a portable charger because that man can’t keep is phone charged. Actually as I’m typing, he is out partying with a phone that’s probably on 5%.  I also plan on getting him a cute man planner for when he comes back to school next semester, complete with pens and pencils!! I’m thinking this one??

The other items are just pretty neat gifts. I hate going out in the cold without gloves, especially when my hands are super dry, so these are perfect! Same with your toes, Jake has these and they are super cozy. I see plenty of guys and gals in these UGG slippersA wallet is also pretty great, especially a nice, genuine leather one. My dad has a Coach wallet and it has been around for awhile now. My mom had to get him a new one a few Christmas’ back because his was disintegrating! 😂 Maybe I’ll get Jake one for next Christmas!

Earbuds are perfect of working out, walking to class or studying. I personally think they are super necessary, and after having Beats, quality sure does make a difference! My dad is a lover of Bose, and I’m sure it’s because of the high quality sound.

Lastly, my friend Amur was talking about these Comme Des Garçons x Converse. He told me he loved how they look, but he also just really likes the Comme Des Garçon brand! I think they’re cute, I want them too!

Anyways.. I hope this helped inspire some Christmas gifts for the men in your life, I know creating this post definitely helped me think of the gifts that I’ll actually be giving.

Come back Wednesday for 12 Days of Blogmas! A new post every day until Christmas Eve, with a possible Holiday surprise!




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