I wanted to switch this post up with something a little different. So today is my grandmother’s 87th birthday, and it is so sad that I’m in Athens, so I’ve decided to dedicate this post to her. In the past eighteen years that I have been around I haven’t missed one of her birthdays. It’s sad that I won’t be able to celebrate her birthday with her this year, but I know she’ll enjoy herself and be surrounded by others who care for her. I hope she has a fabulous birthday full of love.

Be on the lookout for Friday’s post, I talk about one of my favorite trends going on right now! Stay tuned and happy hump day!





Cowl neck top // American Eagle Jeans // Old Navy felt hat // similar brown clutch // similar watch // Mercanti Fiorentini shoes (sold out, similar here)

First off, my camera went wonky with the flash but I’m loving this outfit! I got this cowl neck top when I was in Philly a few months back from Macy’s. I really wasn’t trying to buy anything (broke college student probs) but was so cold I needed another layer. I definitely did not pack well for that trip, but hey I got a cute top! It’s super cute and easy and can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn it with these flats before and just love the combo, so I did it again. Also this hat… this hat has caused me some stress. I have had it since November but never found the right outfit to pair it with. I like it with this but how many times can I wear this same outfit, so if you all have any felt hat outfit inspo, please help your girl out! Also make sure to follow me on Pinterest for some extra outfit inspiration!

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Don’t just look at it as a day off, think about the change he caused! Have a lovely day peeps!





Save or Splurge #2

So for today’s post I decided to put together two similar outfits, one being more expensive and the other more budget friendly. I definitely have champagne taste on a beer (very cheap beer) budget. As a college student and a fashion lover, I love to daydream and look at all of those beautiful, expensive pieces, unfortunately looking and owning are two different things.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am beyond obsessed with vests. I figured I would do a Save or Splurge centered around a cute olive green colored vest. I added a cream sweater, dark wash jeans, a nude cross-body and leopard flats. Super cute and super easy! How do you guys wear your vests?



Top Cologne Picks


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Today’s post is a bit of a different one, my friend Isaiah has rounded up his top cologne picks and has some tips to share with you all. So without further aideu, Isaiah’s cologne picks!!
If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I like to smell good! Whether I’m going out or just going to class I always make sure that I have on something that makes me stand out. I’m here today to give you my top pics of men’s cologne for 2017 and give you my review on each one. But before I get started there’s a few things that I think you should know before purchasing a cologne.

When picking a cologne out, there are a few rules that one should follow before purchasing one.

  1. Always get a tester! This way you can know what it will smell like on you versus what it smells like from the bottle.
  2. Pick a scent that best fits your personality: cologne comes in various scents and some are stronger than others. For example, if you’re looking for a light and fresh scent look more towards an Eau De Toilette cologne. Eau De Toilette’s will typically be in clear sometimes grey bottles and the cologne itself is a light or clear color. However, if you’re looking for something that is a little stronger in scent, then look more towards a Eau De Parfum cologne. Eau De Parfum’s will typically be in dark colored and sometimes clear bottles, although the cologne itself is usually a darker sometimes golden color. To determine if a cologne is Eau De Toilette or De Parfum it will be labeled in one or two places: the front of the box or on the bottom of the cologne bottle.
  3. DON’T OVER SPRAY! Cologne should be used sparingly, when putting on cologne you should only do two spritz: on the wrist and on your neck. The reason is that cologne can still have a smell hours after you have sprayed it on yourself so it’s best to use less than to use more.

Following these simple rules will not only improve your knowledge about cologne, but will make you smell good and stand out from the rest. Here are my top picks for men’s cologne in 2017:

Cologne: Versace Dylan Blue

Cost: 3.4 oz. $86

Description: This new men’s cologne from Versace is the perfect cologne for any occasion. This cologne gives you a fresh, clean scent that is sure to make you stand out from the rest. Versace Dylan Blue is a great cologne for someone who is looking for a new scent to add to their collection.

Cologne: Versace Pour Homme

Cost: 3.4 oz. $82

Description: Thinking about wearing cologne for the very first time? The Versace Pour Homme is the one for you. This fresh, clean scent is also great for any occasion and is a great starter cologne for someone who is just starting to wear cologne.

Cologne: Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb

Cost: 3 oz. $110

Description: This Nordstrom exclusive is one of my favorite cologne’s and is a must have. Spicebomb is great for a night out with that special someone or for whatever occasion you may have. The scent of Spicebomb is slightly heavier than the Versace colognes so it should be used in light amounts.

Cologne: Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Parfum Intense

Cost: 3.3 oz. $104

Description: This is another must have cologne for 2017! This YSL parfum intense is also great for a night out with that special someone or for a more formal occasion. YSL Parfum Intense is also heavy scent and should in very light amounts. However, it is still a great cologne and I highly recommend this to be in everyone’s collection.

Whether it’s a night out or just simply something to wear every day, these cologne’s are great for any man in 2017.





1st Outfit

Old Navy velvet top // Forever 21 skirt // Old Navy lace-up flats // Michael Kors wristlet // similar choker (from an Athens boutique) 

2nd Outfit

Old Navy velvet top // Forever 21 black jeans // Old Navy chambray shirt // Adidas Superstars // Michael Kors wristlet // similar choker

For some reason I only go out when I’m at school, when I’m home I like to stay home with family or be around friends, but I’m not really a part of Cincinnati night life. It’s so weird because I love going out in Athens, not every night and not even every weekend its just fun to look cute and go out with your friends.

So because I never really went out in Cincinnati I really had to step my wardrobe game up when I got to school. I remember the first night my friends and I went out. I wore a blush colored lace-up tank top, jeans and my rose gold slip-ons. It was cute but compared to everyone walking up and down Court Street, I was too casual. So I did some online shopping and stepped my game up. I figured this kind of post would help future college students, who like me, didn’t go out much in high school.

I know these pictures are not the best quality, but that’s another story! Also happy first day of classes to my OU peeps. I’m ready to kick this semester’s bootayyy!