2016 Beauty Faves
1. Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3 (limited edition + sold out)
3. Colourpop Glosses (Finder’s Keepers + Masterplan)
7. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (really want to try this!)
13. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit (discontinued, similar here!)
I have used all of these, excluding the Tarte and Lorac palettes, all throughout 2016. I bought every single one of them along to college with me and they have really become my ride or dies. I recommend each product to you guys. If you all want a more in-depth review please let me know!
What are your beauty faves?? Please let me know!
Also I’m really trying to post better pins that original to me versus always re-pinning. I like to call myself a walking pinterest board and I’m really trying to up my game, so please make sure to follow me on there as well!



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lol at my friend in the doorway!

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Lot’s of pictures, I know, but I think it’s fun to share! I have already written a goals and resolutions postbut I thought adding a few snippets into my life this past year would be good. 2016 was definitely a year of change! I graduated high school, started a blog and started college too! I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for not only me but for everyone!

I hope you guys are having a great week! Let me know what some of your goals for this year are?






Old Navy tee (sold out already! similar tee’s available and super cheap!!) // Old Navy cardigan (last year, similar) // Hollister jeans // Rose gold slip-ons // Louis Vuitton Eva clutch // Necklace (Athens boutique, similar here) // Target watch // Alex and Ani and Chavez for Charity bracelets  

This blog is great because I can write whatever I want about whatever I want. It’s unfiltered and I don’t really care if anyone reads it, it’s just a way for me to document my changing life. And I guess I care because I definitely want it to grow, but it’s nice to have total control over something. Sooo, without further adieu, lets get into the goals!

1. Care Less of What Others Think

I’ve gotten really good at this, but it’s kind of come back, especially with me putting more time into my blog. A lot of my personal Instagram followers have followed my CS Instagram, which I don’t mind, but then I have this fear of what if they think this whole blogging thing is weird or stupid. But then again screw them they can unfollow me, so theres that… I can’t hide from something I really enjoy. Anyway I just want to stay focused on me  🙂

2. Studying!

Okay so first semester I had super easy classes (besides the dreadful Math 1200) and I didn’t really have exams, so I didn’t have to study because the exams and quizzes I had were open notes. My finals consisted of papers and group projects, and I only had one exam (evil Math 1200) which I BOMBED, and when I say bombed I mean it. I left the exam! So with all this being said, I wish I had taken some more challenging courses so I could develop some good college studying habits because they are very different from high school one! Also I hope to get at least a C in math, send prayers y’all.

3. More Friends and Keeping Some Old-ish Ones

Okay so first semester I was apart of a learning community with other human and consumer science majors, mainly retail but some hotel tourism as well, anyway we all got super close! I love them all and now LC is over, and I’ll still have classes with the other retail majors but not my girl Morgan  🙁 She’s hotel tourism, but we all plan to go out and still be a round each other!

I also want to make some more friends! I want some more cute gal pals and some male friends as well. I have a really great group of friends already, guys and girls, but it’s nice to switch it up and have a few different people to hang and talk to ya know.


I know, I know, I have to be the only 18, almost 19 year old without a car but thats a whole other story. Me and the whole car thing got off to a bumpy start 3ish years ago and not to mention the big chunk of car money I had saved up went to text books and A LOT of clothes. I cry every time I think about it. So a cute, safe car would be nice.

5. Have a Blast and Learn Some New Things

I want to have a great year! 2016 wasn’t too bad so I want to keep this little streak up. I absolutely love learning new things, and I definitely pick some new things up each year, so here’s to what 2017 holds!! Cheers and Happy New Year!!





At OU, I am apart of two organizations, the Black Student Cultural Programming Board (BSCPB for short) and Fashion Associates. Fashion Associates is a club dedicated to fellow fashionistas like myself; they go on a few trips per year and host a fashion show during spring semester. I was lucky enough to go on the first trip during fall semester. Each year they try to visit a store’s headquarters, and this year it was Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia!!

It was an amazing experience! Words can’t even begin to describe the fun I had. Our first full day we visited the headquarters. They’re HQ is based out of an old naval shipyard and it is pretty amazing. The architect itself is just beautiful. They kept the original exteriors to the once naval buildings and fixed up the insides. For those unaware, Urban is a really environmentally friendly company. They took the rubble from the areas they gutted and found other uses for it, for example they use some in flower beds for water irrigation.

The inside of each of the buildings is just amazing. Picture a Urban, Antropologie and a Free People store, HQ is just like it!! The work environment seems so chill and inviting. The employees literally had their dogs at their desks because they’re able to bring them to work. They even have a little dog park for them! There is no clear dress code, it’s wear what you feel comfortable in. The employees all had their own unique style  and just looked cute. And not to mention they were all so friendly and informative! It’s nice to see an unconventional and unconditional workplace, no stuffy business suits in site. I also loved the art pieces in each of the buildings and how the same art pieces appear in the stores. I snapped a pic from an actual Free People store and it had the same decorations as the Free People building at HQ. I just think it would be the perfect work environment to get your creative juices flowing. I hope to visit sometime again because it was truly a wonderful experience!

Also the girls featured in these pictures are my cute friends, Emily, Julia and Erin, who are retail majors and FA members as well! Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to see where my fashion adventures take me next!





Statement Jewelry on a Budget
Okay so I’ve gathered a few affordable statement jewelry pieces from Forever 21, Baublebar and Old Navy. Some super cute stuff! I encourage you guys to visit the stores and the sites for more. Perfect to spice up a simple outfit and even better for New Year’s Eve! Click on the little pictures for more! Happy accessorizing!