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Hello everyone! I wanted to share my home away from home, my dorm. Over the summer my roommate and I chose turquoise as well as some other shades of blue as our main color theme for our room. Along with the blues, we added pops of color to make the room a little brighter. I absolutely LOVE my room. It’s so cozy and bright, mainly because of the insane sunlight but that just makes for some bomb selfies.

Most of my decorations are total DIY’s, I’m basically a walking Pinterest board and love to get crafty. The small canvases, the cactus painting, some of the gallery wall and the Lilly P flags are all things that I made. I think these added details add some vibrancy and personalization to the room! One of my favorite parts of the room is the hanging inflatable sun. To be honest I took this from a pep rally from my high school, it was just laying there begging me to take it. It’s not like my school would miss it.

If you’re at all curious about where I got some of my things or what they are, I’ve linked them up above!





College Essentials
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For today’s post I wanted to focus on the top things that I have been using since I started college. Over the summer I scoured Pinterest in the hopes of mastering the key things I would need. Now that I’ve been around the block for a total of four weeks, I’ve complied some of the things I use on a daily basis!

1. My ride or die essential has to be my planner. I’ve been using the large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda for 3 years now and I love it. The bright colors and fun patterns definitely help to brighten the day.

2. Now this one is a newbie for me. I picked this beauty up during the Kate Spade Surprise Sale and I love it! It’s really important to have a wristlet/cardholder. When I want something a little bigger, I carry my Michael Kors Electronic Wristlet, but on a day to day basis I carry my Kate Spade Darla. It surprising holds a lot and has a key ring on it that holds my keys. 10/10 would recommend!
3. My Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC is my go to cross-body bag. I actually really love the light powder blue color. It’s so light it’s almost a neutral and matches just about everything.

4. I always carry my portable charger, whether it’s in my backpack or in my purse when I go out.

5. Coffee is always an essential in my book and so are cute coffee mugs!

6. I wake up about 45 minutes before class and never go to the dining halls, so I try to keep fruit in my fridge and snack bars in my backpack. It’s good to have something on the go and to tie you over until after class.

7. Chapstick is a must for everyone. There is nothing worse then having chapped lips!

8. An umbrella is key as well, it’s pretty self explanatory. Getting soaked in between classes sucks, a mini umbrella is your best friend!

9. Earbuds/ headphones are a must! I use these every single day. A portable speaker is also something good to have.

10. A water bottle is a good thing to have as well. I find it a lot harder to keep my water intake good because I am so busy, so having a water bottle is a great solution.

11. And last but not least, a watch! I think they’re pretty cute and very functional.









 Old Navy shirt (sold out online, similar here)  Hollister denim // Mercanti Fiorentini shoes (sold out, similar here)  Francessca’s earrings (old, similar here)  // Michael Kors Wristlet

So for my first official outfit post I figured I’d keep it pretty laid back. I recently picked up this shirt from my job. I’m always shopping while on the clock, a little sketchy but oh well! I was walking past the clearance section of Old Navy and spotted this shirt, which I had been eyeing for a while anyway. Little did I know that it was marked down to $3.47. I was shocked but not surprised, we always have crazy clearance deals like that. It’s super soft and looks like chambray but it isn’t. And not to mention how comfy it is! I paired it with my black jeans from Hollister and some leopard flats. I picked up the flats months ago for around $30, they were originally $90 something, so not bad! It’s just a cute easy outfit.



Welcome to Cincinnati Sass, I’m Alexis and I figured I would start off my first post with a little introduction. So I am an eighteen year old high school senior or graduate depending on when this post goes up. I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio, hence the blog name, I’m also a little sassy, hence the name again! I am full of adventure, laughter and positivity, and hopefully that shines through in my future posts. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now and I figured what better time than the present! Blogging is one of the MANY career options for my specific college major, so why would I wait another four years? I think it’s a great creative outlet and good for gaining experience. So as for college, I plan on attending Ohio University in Athens, Ohio this fall. I will be majoring in Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles and planning to minor in Business. Like I mentioned earlier, my major has several career options and I obviously still have time to figure those out.

I have a strong passion for fashion, as cliché as that sounds haha, so I know I wanted to do something in the fashion industry. Because of that passion, I work at Old Navy. I’ve worked there for a year and have acquired A LOT of clothes from there, so don’t be surprised if you see me rocking head-to-toe Old Navy! I’m not sponsored, just a tad obsessed.

I have been following a multitude of blogs for years now and have gained some much needed outfit inspiration, and if I can provide fashion and style inspiration for someone else, then that’s great! I love following along with people’s lives and travels, I just find it super interesting!

I am very active on my personal social media accounts, border line obsessed, so I plan to be active on my blog and my blog related social media. All of my social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr) are all linked throughout my blog, so be sure to check me out there! As for blog scheduling, I want to start out with posting around four times per week, I am still working out kinks and getting into the habit of blogging, so please bear with me! As for my posts, I want to cover outfits, beauty items, beauty and clothing favorites, life moments and updates, product reviews, mini hauls, trends and items that I’m loving at the moment, and some other posts here and there. I am excited to embark on this new adventure, and I hope you all will join me on it!