The Time I Visited Urban Outfitters HQ



At OU, I am apart of two organizations, the Black Student Cultural Programming Board (BSCPB for short) and Fashion Associates. Fashion Associates is a club dedicated to fellow fashionistas like myself; they go on a few trips per year and host a fashion show during spring semester. I was lucky enough to go on the first trip during fall semester. Each year they try to visit a store’s headquarters, and this year it was Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia!!

It was an amazing experience! Words can’t even begin to describe the fun I had. Our first full day we visited the headquarters. They’re HQ is based out of an old naval shipyard and it is pretty amazing. The architect itself is just beautiful. They kept the original exteriors to the once naval buildings and fixed up the insides. For those unaware, Urban is a really environmentally friendly company. They took the rubble from the areas they gutted and found other uses for it, for example they use some in flower beds for water irrigation.

The inside of each of the buildings is just amazing. Picture a Urban, Antropologie and a Free People store, HQ is just like it!! The work environment seems so chill and inviting. The employees literally had their dogs at their desks because they’re able to bring them to work. They even have a little dog park for them! There is no clear dress code, it’s wear what you feel comfortable in. The employees all had their own unique style  and just looked cute. And not to mention they were all so friendly and informative! It’s nice to see an unconventional and unconditional workplace, no stuffy business suits in site. I also loved the art pieces in each of the buildings and how the same art pieces appear in the stores. I snapped a pic from an actual Free People store and it had the same decorations as the Free People building at HQ. I just think it would be the perfect work environment to get your creative juices flowing. I hope to visit sometime again because it was truly a wonderful experience!

Also the girls featured in these pictures are my cute friends, Emily, Julia and Erin, who are retail majors and FA members as well! Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to see where my fashion adventures take me next!




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