Trend: Square Neck Tops

TOP: Forever 21 | DENIM: Old Navy | BAG: Old Navy | SHOES: Old Navy

Hi friends!! Today I wanted to share this outfit. I love how fashionable and trendy this top is. I got this silver square neck top from Forever 21 around March. When I first got it, I was kind of annoyed…

My first thought was can I got braless and be trendy?? No my boobs were swinging and it looked a mess with the material. Then I was like can I just wear a regular bra, I don’t care about the straps?? NO because of the neckline. Thennn I was like f it I’ll just wear a strapless bra. That worked but then the top would ride up and just be weird. Maybe I need a bigger size, I don’t know. Moral of the story: it’s cute and I’ll wear it still. It’s weird because I got this square neck dress and bodysuit from F21 and they fit fine..

Anyone else have annoying bras stories?? bc I was definitely struggling the other day with another top {just got annoyed all over again} Anyway, this post has been one big ramble haha! Tootles


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